Contact patients from the Follow up Inbox

The Follow up Inbox manages patients who need to be contacted about returned results, and is used to book recall appointments for patients with clinically significant results. See Recall appointments for more information.

From the Follow up Inbox screen, you can:

  • Book appointments
  • Mark patients as 'contacted' and results as 'given'.
  • Record general notes
  • Open a patient record
  • Open patient demographics
  • Add a reminder to a patient.
  • Record a contact note.

By default, this screen displays results for the last 12 months where the patient has not been marked as contacted and where the result is marked as anything other than 'No action'.

  1. From the Bp Premier main screen, select Clinical > Follow up inbox.
  2. Followup Inbox

  3. All reports and results that have been processed through the provider Inbox are displayed, including those saved to Correspondence In. You can filter the list by:
    • Date range (Reports checked from and to)
    • Filter by action
    • Provider (Checked by).
    • Filter by status (show only results that have been given, or where patients have been contacted)
  4. For example, use the Filter by action field to show only results that the provider has marked for ‘Urgent appointment’. If a practice nurse is performing a daily followup check, you could set this field to show only 'Nurse to advise' results.

  5. Sort the list by Date checked or Name. To view results separated by practice location, select Split by location.
  6. The leftmost column indicates the patient's preferred contact method. You can perform a Mail Merge to contact patients in bulk. See Send clinical communications for more information.
  7. Mark results individually using the buttons along the top and the right-click menu:
  8. Action


    Mark as contacted

    Indicate that the patient has been contacted about the result. The result in the patient’s file will be updated to indicate a status of ‘Contacted’ and the date.

    Mark result as given

    Indicate that the patient has been given the result. The result in the patient’s file will have be updated to indicate a status of ‘Given’ and the date.

    Record note

    Record a follow up note for later about the results.

    Recorded notes can be viewed in the patient record under Investigation Results. Select the investigation result, right-click, and select View notes.

    Make appointment (right-click)

    Book a recall appointment for the patient.

    View appointments (right-click)

    View and book appointments for the patient.

    Change action (right-click)

    Edit the clinical evaluation (for example, ‘Normal’ to ‘Abnormal’) , action to be taken, comments, or practice location.

  9. To view a summary of the result, double-click the result in the list. The Details screen will appear according to the type of communication.
  10. Other actions from Follow up inbox include: 
  11. Action


    Opens the patient record for the selected result.

    Best Practice Premier Print Icon

    Opens the Report action list to print the list of results shown. When printing the report, you can indicate whether you want the results updated to indicate they have been ‘Contacted’ or ‘Given’.

    File > Mail Merge

    Opens the Report action list to run a mail merge from the list of patients. You can filter the mail merge by provider, date, and action type, and mark the result as ‘patient contacted’ or ‘given to patient’ after the mail merge.

    File > Unmark result

    If you accidentally mark a result as ‘Contacted’ or ‘Given’, this option resets the status. If the result no longer shows on the screen, change the Filter by action field to ‘All’.


    You can open the Messages screen or To Do List for the logged-in user.

Unmark a result

If you accidentally mark a result as 'Contacted' or 'Given' you can easily reset the status so that the item shows in your Follow up Inbox list again.

What do I do next?

Unmark result unmark as contacted accidentally marked as contacted accidentally marked as given