Bp Premier Jade SP1 Release Notes

Jade SP1 Release Notes (Coming Soon)

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These release notes describe the changes made to Bp Premier since version Jade (

Release Date 

Coming soon.

Release version

Bp Premier version Jade SP1 (

Notes last updated

5 September 2019

What is in this release?

This release of Bp Premier includes improvements to the Clinical Reminders and Inbox contact notes. Database security and program performance have also improved.

Review the section New Features for other new features in this release, and Enhancements for all other changes.

Which version can I upgrade from?

You can upgrade to version Jade SP1 from Bp Premier version Summit ( or later. To check the current program version that you have installed, select HelpAbout.

Which data update do I need?

You must install the July 2019 Data Update or later before you can upgrade to version

To check the current data update that you have installed, select HelpAbout. You can download data updates from the Best Practice Software website. Best Practice Software recommend always installing the most recent Data Update when released every month.

Important: If you run the upgrade to Jade SP1 without running the July 2019 Drug Update first, you may experience errors during the upgrade. If this occurs, install the July 2019 update on your Bp Premier server and rerun the Jade SP1 upgrade.

Which database and operating system versions are supported?

System requirements have not changed from the Jade release. Supported database and operating systems versions are described in the Bp Premier System Requirements, available here.

Version requires Microsoft .NET framework 6.4.2 to run. The upgrade wizard will install this version of .NET during the upgrade to, if not already installed. You will not need to upgrade your operating system or SQL server database to install version

When should I upgrade?

Best Practice Software recommend running the program upgrade outside of business hours.

How do I upgrade?

Brief upgrade instructions are included in this document.

Important: You must upgrade every client in your practice network at the same time that you upgrade the server.

What do I do after upgrading?

No particular configuration is required after upgrade. You can continue to use Bp Premier as usual.

Prepare my practice for the Bp Partner Network

In conjunction with the release of Bp Premier Jade, Best Practice Software is launching the Bp Partner Network, a program that formalises Best Practice Software's relationship with practices and technology vendors that develop integrated solutions with Bp's suite of software products.

When you upgrade to Jade, if your practice employs a third-party or custom integration with your Bp Premier database, you will need to be aware of the changes to database access in the Jade release, and how to enable your integrated solution in Setup > Configuration.

Best Practice Software has prepared a series of education materials to help your practice assess whether it is affected by the changes and what to do next.

Bp Partner Network Resources

This Jade Knowledge Base article summarises the database changes and can help you determine if your practice will be affected by the Bp Partner Network changes.

Download this information sheet if you are a third-party solution provider that currently accesses or integrates with a Bp Premier database.

Download this information sheet if your practice has created a custom integration used internally to write back to the database.

Download this FAQ for questions and answers from Bp Premier users who attended the recent Bp Partner Network webinar series run by Best Practice Software.

Upgrade to version

Install the latest Data Update

You must have the July 2019 data update or later installed before you upgrade to

  1. Open the Best Practice Software website www.bpsoftware.net in a browser.
  2. Select ResourcesBp Premier Downloads. Scroll down to the Data Updates section.
  3. Click the Data Update: Data Update - Comprehensive update for the most recent data update. The update row will expand.
  4. Click Download to download the file to your browser’s download directory, or right-click and select Save target as... or Save link as... to download to a location of your choice.
  5. Copy the update file BPS_Data_xxxxxx_comp.exeto the Bp Premier server computer. The filename will depend on the date of the Data Update.
  6. Double-click the file to run the Data Update.

Install the Program Update

Always back up your database immediately prior to running any program update.

  1. Open the Best Practice Software website www.bpsoftware.net in a browser.
  2. Select ResourcesBp Premier Downloads. Scroll to the Program Updates section.
  3. Click to open Software: Bp Premier Jade SP1 Click Download to download the program upgrade file.
  4. Copy the upgrade file BP_1.10.1.885.exe to the Bp Premier server computer.
  5. Back up your Bp Premier database.
  6. Log out of the Bp Premier server and all clients.
  7. Double-click the file to start the upgrade. Proceed through the upgrade screens, selecting a Server installation.
  8. Copy and run the file on each workstation to upgrade all workstations. Select a Client installation.

Important: Upgrade all Bp Premier clients immediately after upgrading the server.

After you upgrade

You can continue to use Bp Premier as usual.

Where do I find more information?

If you are upgrading from a version of Bp Premier earlier than one of the Indigo service pack or revision releases, the following table can help you identify changes made in interim versions.

I am upgrading from...

I need to know about...

Summit (

The Lava release introduced changes to multi-location functionality, a suite of new financial and disbursement reports, and transaction adjustments and deposits.

Read the Bp Premier Lava Release Notes.

Lava (

The Lava Service Pack 1 release introduced online claiming support for practices with multiple Minor IDs registered with Medicare:

Read the Bp PremierLava SP1 Release Notes.

Lava SP1 (

The Lava Service Pack 3 release introduced major changes to cervical screening (formerly pap smear) terminology and requests:

Read the Bp Premier Lava SP3 Release Notes or the Quick Reference Guide.

Lava SP3 (

The Indigo release introduced Bulk Billing for Tyro, a Subpoena tool for presenting patient records, and the concept of clinical significance to reminders.

Read the Bp PremierIndigo Release Notes or a Quick Reference Guide: Subpoena Tool, Bulk Bill Easyclaim, Reminders.

Indigo (

Indigo Revision 1 (

The Indigo Service Pack 1 release included a major new feature, Bp Comms, that greatly expanded patient-practice communication functions. This release also included HealthShare and HealthLink online provider directories, SafeScript prescribing for Victoria, and a backup and restore utility for the drug database.

Read the Bp Premier Indigo SP1 Release Notes.

Indigo Service Pack 1

Indigo Service Pack 2

The Indigo Service Pack 1 release included a major new feature, Bp Comms, that greatly expanded patient-practice communication functions. This release also included HealthShare and HealthLink online provider directories, SafeScript prescribing for Victoria, and a backup and restore utility for the drug database.

Read the Bp Premier Indigo SP1 Release Notes.


The Jade release included the pilot for CommBank Health Claim, improvements to the BMI Calculator and Percentile Charts and multi-location updates.

Read the Bp Premier Jade Release Notes.

New Features

Improvements to Contact Notes for Clinical Reminders

Linking between Clinical Reminders and Contact Notes has been enhanced. Versions before Jade SP1 linked a Contact Note with a sent reminder; this inhibited the ability to view all contact attempts for a particular reminder. In Jade SP1, you can view all contact attempts for a reminder in one list. To use this functionality:

  1. Navigate to Clinical > Reminders > Follow up Reminders from the main Bp Premier screen.
  2. Highlight a reminder in the list.
  3. Click the Contact notes button.
  4. All contact attempts on that particular reminder are displayed.

Follow Up Reminders Filtering

Searching for items on the Follow up reminders screen has been enhanced by the addition of these new date filters:

  • Sent on or after
  • Sent on or before
  • Due on or after
  • Due on or before

A new column Due showing the due date for the reminder has been added to the results panel in this window.

Improvements to Contact Notes for Inbox and Follow Up Inbox

An Origin filter is now available on the Contact notes list screen to make it easier to differentiate between Contact notes made from the Inbox, Follow Up Inbox and Patient Record that relate to results and correspondence in items. You can use the Origin filter when viewing Contact notes for one or all patients.

Navigate to View > Contact notes from the main Bp Premier screen or open a patient's demographic window and click the Contact Notes button to use this functionality.

Follow Up Inbox Filtering

Searching for items in the Follow Up Inbox is now more accessible by the addition of a new To date filter on the main Follow Up Inbox screen and also on the Mail Merge screen (Follow Up Inbox > File > Mail merge).

End of support for older Bp Premier versions

Best Practice Software regularly provides new releases of our software so that you have the latest mandated regulatory requirements and a range of software improvements covering security features, fixes to known software issues, and new software features. However, regular software releases present an increasing challenging to our Support team to continue supporting customers using older versions of Bp Premier.

From October 02 2019, Best Practice Software will cease providing support for all versions of Bp Premier prior to version Lava SP3

From January 10 2020, Best Practice Software will cease providing support for all versions of Bp Premier prior to version Indigo

‘Ceasing Support’ includes the provision of version-specific templates, old reports, minimum software requirements, and access to Bp Support.

The online Lava Knowledge Base will continue to be available to Lava users.

Information on the latest version of Bp Premier is available from the Bp Premier Jade Knowledge Base What's new page. Bp Premier Support is available to help you upgrade to the latest version.


Bp Function

Release Notes


Database viewer accounts

The database accounts available from Setup > Configuration > Database are now disabled for all access unless a password has been set up for that account.


Remote database

The time taken to download the Bp Premier database to a laptop for remote use has been greatly decreased from hours to approximately ten minutes.


Server performance

Database configuration changes have been made to improve general server and workstation performance.


Patient record

The time taken to load patient records with large data sets has been reduced.


Follow up reminders

Due date filtering has been added to the Follow up Reminders window. You can now filter by one or more of:

  • Sent on or after
  • Sent on or before
  • Due on or after
  • Due on or before

A new column Due showing the due date for the reminder has been added to the results shown panel in this window.


Follow up Inbox

A new To date field has been added to the list of filters for the Follow up Inbox window, allowing you to filter results by a date range.

The same field has been added to the Mail Merge window opened from the Follow up Inbox, allowing you to filter reminder generation by date range.


Third-party integration

Improved functionality that reports on third-party integration.

BP-2046, BP-2042

User Details

A Clinical Pharmacist can now record their Registration Number and Health Identifier information in the Users section.


Best Health App

A message is now sent from Bp Premier back to the Best Health App to confirm a patient enrolment was successful.


Child Digital Health Record

Added the ability to launch the Health Provider Viewer from the patient record.


Contact Notes

Contact Notes for reminders now link to the reminder database record rather than the reminder sent database record, this makes it easier to track contact attempts for a reminder.


Best Health App

Increased security for password generation when onboarding a practice.


Bugs fixed

Bp Function

Release Notes


Best Health App

Bp Comms was unable to send automated appointment reminders to patient app if an SMS Username had not been configured. This is now fixed.


Upgrade to Jade

Some collation mismatch errors were occurring during the upgrade to Jade. This is now fixed.


Bp Comms

Bp Premier was not picking up duplicate numbers for Bp Comms enrolment if the alternate number contained spaces. This is now fixed.


HealthLink Forms

A 'Failed to prepopulate the form' error occurred if generating HealthLink forms from imported patient records. This has been fixed.


Process Bulk Payments

The Accept Fee of function is now enabled for adjusting invoices from the Process Bulk Payments window.


Best Health App

You can now send a Best Health App enrolment invitation to a patient aged 14 years or older. The previous minimum age was 18.


Contact notes from Inbox and Follow up Inbox

Not all contact notes related to a result were visible when inspecting Contact Notes from the Inbox and Follow up Inbox window, depending on from which window the note was created.

Now all contact notes related to a result are visible when viewing contact notes, regardless of which window the note was created from.



Disabled HealthShare functionality that:

  • Updates the button caption with a factsheet suggestion count
  • Inserts a progress note when a factsheet is emailed.

This is has been done to mitigate Access Violation errors.


Healthlink Forms

The speed of opening the Healthlink Smartforms window has improved.


Database searching

The supplied query that returns patients who have received the influenza vaccine now returns correct patient list.


Follow up Inbox

The correct patient information is now displayed when an item is selected in a large Follow up inbox list.


Remote Downloads

An error no longer occurs when adding a new Contact Note or opening the Contact Note list when in remote download mode.

BP-2115, BP-2114

Update Database

ContactNoteReasons table is no longer recreated every time Update Databases is run.


Online Claiming

The End date filter is now editable when selecting the Include reconciled batches checkbox.


Best Health App

The Practice Onboarding application now logs errors correctly.


Follow up reminders

Actioned reminders can no longer be re-actioned.


Best Health App

Phone and fax number fields in the Onboarding application no longer causes an error when entering spaces.


Best Health App

Files that are required by the Practice Onboarding application are now deployed on client installations, making it possible to onboard a practice from a client machine.


Best Health App

Functionality added to allow editing of the configuration setting that holds the machine name that hosts the Best Practice Messaging Service. This allows the user to connect to the Best Practice Messaging Service via IP Address rather than machine name.


Appointment Book

The week view now functions correctly when using the default layout.


Appointment Book

Fixed error relating to database deadlocks.


Known Issues


Release Notes


Child Digital Health Record.

The web browser control sometimes has issues redrawing the form when minimizing and maximizing the patient's clinical record. Child Digital Health Record functionality is in a trial for Jade SP1.


Pathology/Imaging Requests

Adding multiple contacts in the Copies tab duplicates the first contact on every subsequent contact.


Contact Note List

Tab order of controls is incorrect.


Contact Notes - Remote download mode

Resending messages from the contact notes list when in remote download mode causes a fatal error.


Contact Notes - Remote download mode

Contact notes list is not in date order in remote download mode.


Bp Comms Status

Bp Comms status in the patient's demographics is incorrect in remote download mode.


Autofill - Word Processor

Some Autofills have the last character truncated when used from the Word Processor.