Download Bp Premier Jade SP1 Update

To check the program and drug database version on a server or workstation, log in to Bp Premier and select Help > About from the main screen. The latest version of Bp Premier is Jade SP1. You can upgrade to Jade SP1 if you are running the Summit version ( or later.

Down the program update file from the Best Practice Software website and copy the file to the Bp Premier server and workstations. Run the file on the server first, and then upgrade each workstation.

When downloading the file, if the browser asks if you want to Run the file, always select to Save or Save As the file instead. Save the file to a known location, copy the file to a server or workstation, and then run the file. In the following example, Microsoft Internet Explorer is prompting whether you want to run or save the file.

Best Practice Software will announce to our customers when the release is available from Best Practice Software website

  1. Open the Best Practice Software website in a browser.
  2. Select ResourcesBp Premier Downloads from the menu.
  3. Under the Program Updates section, click the Software update for the version you want to install. The row will expand to show the update details.
  4. Read the prerequisite information provided to make sure your intended server or workstation meets the installation requirements.
  5. Click Download to download the .exe file to the default Downloads folder, or right-click download and select Save link as... or Save target as... to download the file to a known location.
  6. Copy the file to the Bp Premier server and double-click the file to start the upgrade.

Mount and run the setup file

  1. Open Windows File Explorer and browse to the folder containing the downloaded file.
  2. Right-click the .ISO file and select Mount.
  3. Select Mount from ISO right click

  4. In File Explorer, select This PC from the left hand side. A new DVD Drive will be listed under Devices and drives, indicated by the Bp bird icon.
  5. This PC shows mounted ISO

  6. Double-click the Bp DVD Drive icon to browse the contents of the ISO.
  7. Double-click the file Setup.exe to start the installation.
  8. Select Setup

  9. Complete the installation as if you had just inserted the Bp Premier Installation DVD.