Version 7, 2019


Filter a view or a report

All reports within Bp Allied can be filtered and grouped which provides you with a more powerful reporting tool. This section covers how to use the filtering function. Filtering allows the results of a report or a view to be changed so that only some records can be seen based on a specific criteria. For example, in the Item Sales Report you may wish to see the report based on a specific item such as Initital Consultation.
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Find the filter options

The column heading in all reports and a number of views is usually where the filtering functions hide. Hovering over a heading will display a small push pin that if clicked on will display filtering options.
Right click on the column header
Select Filter Editor
Click on the Show/Hide Autofilter Row (This is available on all Reports)
Use an * as a wildcard to filter on part of a description in the filter row.
Click Show Filter Row (This is available on all tables in Data Maintenance)

An example on the Item Sales Report

The Item Sales Report filtered for MP Data or MP SA results display as follows:
The filters that have been applied display at the bottom of the results pane

Apply filters to more than one column

In this example, an additional filter is applied to the Location field. Location = MP NZ Headquarters
The applied filters

Complex filters

Right-click on the column header
Select Filter Editor
Click Edit Filter from the filter display at the bottom of the results pane
The Filter Editior displays
Click the + to add further filters to your report.
Click on the field names (in blue) and the qualifiers (in green) to change the values in the editor.

Remove a filter

From the Filter Editor click the grey X
Click the X on the left of the filter display
Click on the Push Pin
Click (All)