Version 7, 2019


Group a view or a report

All reports within Bp Allied can be filtered and grouped which provides you with a more powerful reporting tool. There are also a number of views that use these functions as well, for example, Referrers or Products and Services in Data Maintenance. This section covers how to use the Group by function.
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Grouping a Report/View will display the report based on the column you wish to group by. Any report or view that has the dark blue* header row, as shown below, is able to be manipulated using the Group By options. 
* assuming that the default Blue skin is being used

Group a report or view


An example

The Item Sales Report results display
To Group the report drag the Practitioner column heading into the area above which reads "Drag a column header here to group by that column".
The Item Sales Report Grouped by Practitioner then displays like this
Expand the grouping by clicking on the plus sign.
The report can be grouped further. In this example of the Item Sales Report you may wish to see the sales figures for each practitioner, but you may also wish to see which particular products or services are selling more than others.  To do this, drag the Description column header into the same area but just below the Practitioner Column header and release the mouse
The Item Sales Report Grouped by Practitioner and Description then displays like this

Ungroup a Report or View

To ungroup the report drag your column headings back to the column heading area.