Send clinical reminders

If you have upgraded to Indigo Service Pack 1, the new Bp Comms function allows you to send clinical reminders by SMS.

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Clinical reminders are sent in two steps: generate the list of patients with reminders, and choose the reminder method (SMS, letter, or output to print, file, or label).

Select patients for reminders

  1. Select Clinical > Reminders or click the envelope icon Best Practice Premier Reminder List Icon on the main screen of Bp Premier. The Reminders screen will appear.
  2. Reminders screen

    This screen displays reminders that have not yet been sent. If a reminder is 'marked as sent' from anywhere in Bp Premier, the reminder will not be displayed on this screen. See Reprint reminders for more information.

    Clinically significant reminders are indicated in the Action column.

  3. Click Select Patients to display the Select patients for reminders screen.
  4. Select patients for reminders

  5. Select from the fields to search for patients with reminders to send:
  6. Filter


    Clinically significant only

    Filters the Reminder reasons to only show those marked as Clinically significant.

    Filter by type

    Filters the Reminder reasons to only show those that are linked to the selected type. Reminder types can be created in Setup > Configuration > Reminders.


    Select one or more reminder reasons to send, or click Select all.

    Due between / and

    Select patients with reminders due between the dates only.

    Select users

    Select patients assigned a reminder by the selected doctors only.


    Select reminders sent from the selected locations only.

    Include overdue reminders

    Include patients with reminders that are overdue in the selected time period.

    Include inactive patients

    Include patients marked as inactive in their patient demographic.

  7. Click Ok to return to the Reminders screen. The following actions are available using the top buttons:
    • To remove a single reminder, select the reminder and click Remove from list. The Reminder in the patient record will be unaffected.
    • To delete a reminder from the list and the patient record, select the reminder and click Delete Reminder. The Reminder will be deleted from the patient's record.
    • To view the appointments for a patient (to see if a future appointment might already be booked), click View appointments.

You can now send reminders using a suitable method for each patient.

Send reminders

  1. From the Reminders screen, click Send reminders to open the Send reminders window.
  2. Send reminders

    Bp Premier will check if each patient has consented to receive SMS messages of type 'Clinical reminder'. Patients who have consented and enrolled will be added to the SMStotal; patients who have not consented will be added to the Letter total.

    Note: Your practice must have enabled SMS Clinical Reminders in SetupConfiguration. See Set up Bp Comms for SMS for more information.

  3. In the Bp Comms tab, select the clinical reminder template you want to use.
  4. Select clinical reminder SMS template

  5. If there are patients who will receive a letter reminder, select the Letter tab and select the clinical reminder letter template to use.
  6. Select clinical reminder letter template

  7. Tick the Update options to apply:
    • Mark as sent marks the reminder on the patient's record as 'Sent'. This option is selected by default for Mail Merge reminders and cannot be changed.
    • Save a copy in each patient's record places a copy of the reminder letter or message into the Correspondence Out section of the patient's record. The name of a letter will be ‘Reminder letter’.
    • Add a new reminder for those marked as auto-update creates a new reminder in patient records where the reminder is configured to auto-update.
    • Combine reminders for the same patient combines multiple reminders in the Reminders list intended for the same patient into a single SMS message or reminder letter. The resulting message may exceed the character limit and require multiple credits to send.
  8. Reminder update options

  9. The right side of the Send reminders window will show a summary of the message methods and the SMS credits available.
  10. Send Reminders output

  11. Click Send. Bp Premier will confirm that you want to send the selected reminders.
  12. Mail Merge confirm

  13. Click Yes to confirm. Bp Premier will:
    • Queue reminder messages for sending.
    • Send Letter reminders to the designated printer.
    • Deduct message credits from your Bp Comms credit.
    • Create reminder records in Patient record > Correspondence out (if this update option was ticked).
    • Create contact note records of type 'Reminder' for all reminders sent.

Sending reminders is complete.

Follow up sent reminders

In Bp Premier versions prior to Indigo SP1, you could untick the option Mark as Sent on the Send Reminders window. This allowed you to mark a reminder as sent at a later time, based on a practice's workflow instead (for example, marking as sent only when the appointment has been booked). If you have upgraded to Indigo SP1, you can no longer untick this option. When sending mail merge clinical reminders, all included reminders will be marked as sent.

If you want to review the reminders that have been marked as sent, and action or remark those reminders, you can do this from the Follow Up Reminders window. Select ViewFollow up reminders from the Reminders window.

See Follow up sent reminders for more information.

I don't want to use the default reminder methods

You may not wish to use Bp Premier's default methods for sending reminders. For example, your practice may choose not to send specific clinically sensitive reminders by SMS and prefer to use letters instead.

  1. From the Send reminders window, untick the Mail merge option you do not want to use.
  2. Untick Bp Comms options

  3. The right side of the window will display alternate options for those patients affected. Tick the alternate option you want to use.
  4. Select alternate Bp Comms options

  5. Click Send to send the reminders.

You can also still send reminders to print, label, or file as in previous versions of Bp Premier.

Send reminders to print, label, or file

Sending reminders to a printed list, a label mail merge, or to file is still available. This functionality is unchanged from previous versions of Bp Premier.

From the Send reminders window, tick Alternative outputs, and select the alternate method from the radio buttons. Follow the instructions in Send reminders.

Send reminders alternate options