Set up Bp Comms for SMS

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An SMS user name is obtained from Best Practice Software and entered into Bp Premier configuration to start using Bp Comms SMS. The SMS user name activates SMS for all locations within Bp Premier.

What if I already had SMS configured for appointment reminders?

If you have upgraded from a previous version of Bp Premier and had set up SMS appointment reminders, your SMS user name will be carried through to Indigo SP1 and later versions and you do not need to follow the instructions in Obtain SMS user name and initial credit. In Indigo SP1 and later versions, you can send SMS messages from more functions in Bp Premier, such as the patient record and Followup Inbox.

See Upgrading and consent for more information.

Obtain SMS user name and initial credit

Contact Best Practice Software to register. Best Practice Software will ask you to complete and return a form. After processing the registration form, Best Practice Software will supply you with an SMS user name to enter during Bp Comms setup and your initial code to top up credit.

Configure Bp Comms for SMS

Set up SMS

  1. Select Setup > Configuration from the main Bp Premier screen. Select the Bp Comms tab.
  2. Configure Bp Comms

  3. Click Configure SMS at the top to open the SMS Connection Information screen.
  4. SMS connection information

  5. If your network uses a proxy server to access the internet, tick the I use a proxy when connecting to the Internet checkbox, and enter the Proxy name, Proxy port, Proxy username, and Proxy password. If you are unsure whether your practice uses a proxy, your IT support can assist.
  6. Enter the SMS user name you were assigned.
  7. Click Test Connection to test the SMS connection. If the connection is successful, click OK to return to the Bp Comms screen.
  8. Click Save to save your Bp Comms settings.

Users with permissions can now send SMS messages from Bp Premier.