View results in the Provider Inbox

This article describes how to use the Provider Inbox to allocate and action returned investigation results.

What do I use the Provider Inbox for?

Each provider has their own Inbox linked to their login. The Inbox is used to:

  1. check investigation reports that have been downloaded from a pathology or radiology laboratory
  2. action the result
  3. save the results to the patient’s file.

To access the Inbox, select View > Inbox from the main menu or press F3. The tree view on the left of the screen displays results by patient name. Click on the + sign to open all results for a patient. Select a result to see the details in the middle section.

Bp Comms Provider Inbox

At the 'Inbox' stage, the report has not yet been added to any patient record. You must action the investigation result from this screen to save the result to the correct location in the patient record and move the report to the Followup Inbox.

From the Inbox, you can also:

  • Move a report to a different doctor
  • View another doctor's results
  • View a graph from atomised results that include the patient's existing observation data
  • Insert details into the patient record, such as adding a smear result or INR data
  • View a patient's related appointments
  • Create Bp Premier Reminders and Actions to assist following up a result
  • Mark outstanding requests as returned.
  • Send an SMS message to a patient regarding their results.

Which results does the Inbox show?

The Inbox shows results that meet all of the following:

  • The result has not been actioned
  • The result has been assigned to a doctor
  • The result has been allocated to a patient (default behaviour).

This includes results from the following sources:

Results from Bp Service

When results are imported automatically via Bp Service, the result file is read and Bp Premier attempts to match the result to a patient record by name and DOB. Sometimes, a match cannot be found. In this case, the result must be manually allocated from the Incoming Reports screen.

By default, the Inbox will not show results have not yet been allocated to a patient. You can change this behaviour by turning off the Don't allow unallocated reports into Inbox option in SetupConfigurationResults Import. If this setting is not ticked, unallocated reports will appear in a provider's Inbox. See Set up results importing for more information.

Results from Bulk Document Import

From the Bulk Document Import utility, you can scan in documents and assign them to a doctor, but you are not required to assign scanned documents to a patient. BDI documents that were not allocated to a patient during scanning must be allocated to a patient from the Incoming Reports screen before the document will appear in the provider's Inbox.

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