Set up pathology request forms

This article describes how to indicate in a provider's preferences whether a laboratory will use preprinted stationery or plain paper.

Set a laboratory's request paper type

  1. Select Setup > Preferences > Pathology from the main Bp Premier screen. The User preferences screen will be displayed for pathology.
  2. In the Laboratory Details section at the bottom right, select the laboratory that you want to set up the layout for and click Edit. This will display the Laboratory code screen.
  3. Pathology Preferences Laboratory Code

  4. Complete the fields in this screen:
  5. Field


    Laboratory code

    If you are using pre-printed forms, enter the code for pathology form. The patient information will print in the correct places on the pre-printed form. Contact the pathology lab for the code.

    Preferred laboratory

    Tick this box if this laboratory is the user’s preferred laboratory. When the user creates a pathology request from the patient record, the request will default to this pathology lab.

    Use plain paper

    Tick this box if the laboratory does not provide pre-printed stationery.

    Paper has specimen labels

    Tick this box if the pre-printed stationery has a section for specimen labels.

    When this box is ticked, the Move duplicate section down and Move labels down fields become available. Enter a measurement in mm to adjust the position from the top left that the duplicate and label sections are printed.

  6. Click Save. Pathology requests can now be printed for this laboratory.

Print a pathology form

When printing a request from the patient’s record, the Pathology request screen appears.

Pathology Request laboratory field

Plain Paper Form

If there is no laboratory selected from the Laboratory drop-down list, the request will print on plain paper.

Pre-printed Form

If there is a laboratory selected from the Laboratory drop down list, the request will print so that you can use pre-printed paper according to the lab's layout settings.