Understanding the pathology workflow

This article describes how the pathology and radiology investigation workflow is mapped in Bp Premier and the screens that are used for each stage, including requests, allocation, and following up.

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Pathology and radiology tests are ordered from the patient record, and the results are downloaded by third party secure messaging software to a location on the Bp Premier server hard disk. Bp Premier then imports the results files from the download folder into the database.

Request workflow

  1. A provider generates an investigation request from the patient record.
  2. Practice staff can review sent investigation requests to see if investigation results been returned.
  3. When investigation results are imported into Bp Premier manually or by the overnight process, correctly formatted results are matched to a patient record or assigned to a provider Inbox.
  4. Unmatched reports are reviewed and assigned manually from the Incoming Reports screen.
  5. A provider reviews the incoming results in their Inbox and actions any results.
  6. Practice staff review actioned results in the Followup Inbox so that patients can be contacted and return appointments booked.

If you have converted from another clinical software package, or have a backlog of outstanding requests, you may need to periodically clear outstanding requests.

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