Set up radiology forms

This article describes how to create a template to use for radiology requests.

Unlike pathology forms, there is no standard radiology request form. You can assign a single request layout to more than one imaging laboratory.

Create a radiology request layout

  1. Select Setup > Preferences > Imaging from the main Bp Premier screen.
  2. Select the radiology provider that you wish to set up the layout for and click Change to display the Request layouts screen.
  3. Radiology request layout

  4. Any radiology layouts will appear as well as the default ‘Plain paper’ layout.
  5. If the lab requires you to use preprinted stationery and it is not already listed, you will need to create a layout that suits their stationery. Click Add. The Layout details screen will appear.
  6. Radiology layout details

  7. Enter the measurements in mm from the top left corner of the page for each element. Click Save.
  8. The new layout name will now appear in the Request layouts screen. Select the new layout name and press Save to update the radiology provider to use this layout.
  9. Check that the Radiology provider now shows the new layout name under the Format column.
  10. You can assign the new layout to any other radiology providers you create.
  11. In the Preferred Imaging Provider drop-down list, select the default radiology provider for the logged-in user. The imaging provider selected here will be automatically selected when the user creates a radiology referral from the patient record.
  12. Click Save & Close to close the User preferences screen.