Add or cease Rx

Current medications are managed from the Current Rx section of the left hand tree in the patient record.

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How do I look up a prescription?

If you know the script ID for a printed script, you can look up the printed prescription in Bp Premier.

  1. From the main screen, select UtilitiesPrescription Lookup. The Prescription Lookup screen will appear.
  2. Enter the Script No. and click Lookup. The screen will show an image of the printed script.

Prescription Lookup

Regular medication lists and the p.r.n. setting

If you assign patient medications to clinical functions like care plans and asthma plans, you may see that the medication does not appear as a 'regular medication', even though the medication has been added in the Current Rx section.

When prescribing medications, the checkbox p.r.n. in the dosage screen indicates that the medication is to be taken as needed.

Prescribed medication PRN setting

If p.r.n. is ticked, the prescribed medication will not be printed on a care plan or any template that uses the field <Current Rx List (Regular)>.

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