Working with reminders

This article describes how Bp Premier applies the clinical reminder workflow and how to add, send, and action reminders.

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Reminders are added and followed up from the following functions:

  1. Add a clinical reminder from the patient record
  2. Manage and send reminders from the Reminders screen
  3. Mark reminders as performed from the patient record
  4. Resend unactioned reminders from the Sent Reminders screen.

If your practice has upgraded to Indigo Service Pack 1, you can also mail merge clinical reminders to SMS. See Send clinical reminders for more information.

How do reminders work in Bp Premier?

Clinical reminders are added from the patient record to indicate that a patient should return for a future appointment. Practice staff can then send bulk reminders in a variety of ways:

  • Mail merge letters using a document template
  • Print a list of patient reminders
  • Print a list of patient labels
  • Export the patient list to use in an external application.

If you are printing reminder letters, you must set up templates before sending reminder letters. Best Practice Software supply a generic reminder letter template in the word processor. However, you may wish to customise the supplied template for your practice.

Bp Premier‘s contact notes functionality can also assist your staff in recording patient contact attempts when following up reminders. See Understanding contact notes for more information.

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