Back up and restore Bp Premier

This article explains how to back up and restore the Bp Premier database.

When and how should I back up the database?

Best Practice Software recommend that you back up your Best Practice data daily using the supplied utility BP Backup, even if you use a third-party backup utility. BP Backup provides the simplest restore of the database.

Best Practice also recommend that a test restore of the backup is performed to a separate server on a regular basis to ensure that your backups are valid and can be restored. Store backups off-site in a secure location.

You can manually back up the database at any time, but it is better practice to set up a scheduled backup to run overnight or during a time of minimal server activity.

Note: Users performing backup and restore operations will require some or all of the Configuration, Perform a backup, and Perform a restore permissions set to 'Allow access'.

What if I use a third-party backup tool?

Your practice's IT and disaster recovery guidelines may require you to use another software tool for database backup and archive. The BP Backup utility will not interfere with any third-party archiving software. However, Best Practice Software Support are unable to provide comprehensive support to sites trying to recover a backup performed by a third-party product, only with backups from the BP Backup utility.

When using a third-party backup software that has an SQL agent, the user details required to access the database are:

User: BPSBackup

Password: Set in the Database tab of the Configuration screen

Important: Do not lose the password that you set for this account, because it cannot be reset by a Bp Premier user. Store the password in a secure location such as the practice safe.

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