Import patient records

Bp Premier can import one or more patient records into the database.

For example, if a new patient signs up or a new doctor begins work at your practice, they may be able to bring electronic copies of their patient records from a previous practice.

What file format can I import?

If the previous practice used Bp Premier or Medical Director 3, and the files have been exported as XML files, you can import the patient record into your Bp Premier installation. XML files have the file extension '.xml'.

Files exported with the extension '.htm' or '.html' are HTML files that you view in an internet browser. You cannot import patient records in HTML into Bp Premier. You could print the pages from a browser and scan the printed copies into the new patient record, or you could ask the previous practice to provide XML versions of the patient record (only if the practice uses Bp Premier or MD3).

What if an imported patient record already exists?

If a patient already exists in Bp Premier before being imported, the patient record will be duplicated and you will have to merge the two records.

Who can import patient records?

A user needs the Import clinical data permission set to 'Allow access' to be able to import patient records. You also need 'Add/Edit/Delete' privileges for the Configuration permission.

Importing patients with validated Health Identifier numbers

Depending on the age of an imported patient’s last validation for their My Health Record identifier, an attempt to access My Health Record for a patient will trigger a revalidation attempt of the patient’s Health Identifier.

Importing patients with custom preparations

Custom preparations prescribed to patients will only be imported from an exported patient record if the Site ID of the patient record file and the Bp Premier server being imported into are the same. If a patient record is imported into a Bp Premier database with a different Site ID, custom preparations will not be imported.

Importing patients with actioned investigations

If you import a patient record by XML from another practice, Bp Premier can tell if an investigation has been checked and actioned, but has no way of knowing who in the other practice has checked an investigation. In these instances, Bp Premier will mark the Checked by field on the investigation report as 'Other practice', so that users can see that an investigation has been checked elsewhere.

Investigation checked by other practice

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