Print labels and mail merge from a database search

A common use of the database search tool is to create a list of patients to print labels or perform a mail merge for.

Before you print labels, make sure you have configured your label layout.

Before you perform a mail merge, make sure you have set up a template to suit the mail merge letter.

  1. Select Utilities > Search from the main menu to view the Database Search screen.
  2. Create and run a database search for the patients you want to print labels for or mail merge.
  3. To print labels, select File > Labels from the menu. Labels for all patients in the returned search results will be printed from the default label printer.
  4. To perform a mail merge, select File > Mail merge and select a template to use. A merged letter based on the selected template will be printed for each patient in the search results. You can choose to Save a copy in each patient's record, which will save the letter in the Correspondence Out section of the patient record. The name of the merged letter is set to the template name.