Set up Bp Link (deprecated)

Important: Bp Link was used by versions of Bp Premier prior to the Lava version. If you have upgraded to Lava or later, Best Practice Software strongly recommend using the Windows Bp Premier service BpService instead. See Set up Bp Service for more information.

BPLink runs in the background on the Bp Premier server. BpLink:

  • imports the file (demographic changes generated by third party billing packages)
  • imports investigation results and secure electronic messages
  • configures and runs scheduled backups
  • configures links to billing packages
  • configures and runs scheduled SMS reminders.

The Bp Link utility is provided in the server installation only.

Set up Bp link

  1. Right click the BP Link icon from the Windows system tray and select Configure Link. The position of the icon will depend on your version of Windows.
  2. The login screen will appear.

  3. Select your username and password and click the login button. The Links Configuration screen will appear.

Start BpLink

The 'BP link.exe' utility can be found in the C:\Program Files\Best Practice Software\BPS folder on the Bp Premier server. This utility must be running on the server machine in order for the processes listed above to take place.

To start the utility, double-click on the file. The Best Practice Software bird icon will appear in the Windows system tray.

While this icon remains in the system tray the processes listed above will run in the background – even if Bp Premier is closed on the server. However, if you reboot or log out of your server, BpLink will stop, so ensure:

  1. On the Setup > Configuration > Links screen, you have ticked the box Load BP Link automatically on startup.
  2. All staff are aware that each time the Bp Premierserver is rebooted, someone needs to log in to start BPLink.

Note: Terminal Server sessions will not run or display the BP Link.exe file. Bp Link must be configured and run from the server not in terminal mode. Bp Link is not configured as a system service, therefore a user must be logged into the operating system and the Bp Link.exe utility running on the server for automatic linking to billing, results import, and Bp scheduled backups to run.

Bp Link will:

  1. Poll the designated path to the file every 60 seconds
  2. Read the contents of the file
  3. Update the Bp Premier database
  4. Purge the file, in preparation for the next write from the billing package
  5. Repeat the cycle.