Import a document template

You can import templates from other Bp Premier locations at your practice, other Bp Premier sites, or using an existing document in RTF format.

Import any document

You can import any document that is in the format *.rtf (rich text file format) for use in Bp Premier. You cannot import document types such as Microsoft Word documents (.doc, .docx, .dotx) or PDF documents as templates into the word processor. Non-RTF documents will have to be converted to .rtf format before you can import these into Bp Premier. Some word processors will allow you to save different document types to .rtf.

When you import an RTF file for use as a template, you can edit the file in the word processor and make any formatting changes you need, and insert data fields where necessary.

You can, however, open Word and HTML documents in the Bp Premier word processor as non-template documents. These documents may lose some formatting and features (such as fields or cross-references) after being saved in Bp Premier.

Import a document and retain data fields

If the template comes from another Bp Premier site, or from Medical Director 2 or 3, you may be able to retain data fields when you import the template. The source application must support TX Controls, which maintain any data fields in the document. If the source application does not support TX controls, it is unlikely that any data fields will be retained in Bp Premier after the import, and you will have to recreate these fields in the template in the word processor.

Can I edit templates outside of Bp Premier?

No. Do not open any Bp Premier template in an external word processor, because any Bp Premier data fields will probably be lost when converted by the external word processor.

If you are downloading a known Bp Premier template from a website or email, right-click the link and select Save as so you can save the document to disk rather than open the document in a default application like Wordpad or MS Word.

Where can I see the list of templates in Bp Premier?

The Bp Premier templates are updated with every monthly Data Update. The best way to see the latest available templates is to view the list in the software.

  1. From the main Bp Premier screen, click the Best Practice Premier Word Processor Icon icon or select Utilities > Word processor from the menu.
  2. Select TemplatesEdit template. The Word Processor templates screen is displayed.
  3. Select the All option and tick Include all States to view all custom and system templates available for all Australian practices.

Import a template

Follow the instructions to import an RTF file into Bp Premier as a template:

  1. Save the template file you want to import to a known folder anywhere accessible by a Bp Premier workstation.
  2. From the main Bp Premier screen, click the Best Practice Premier Word Processor Icon icon or select Utilities > Word processor from the menu. When in a patient record, select File > New Letter The word processor will open.
  3. Select Templates > Import Template. Browse to the directory that you saved the .RTF template into.
  4. Select the file name to be imported and click Open.The template will be displayed in the word processor.
  5. Make any changes to the imported template, including inserting data fields.
  6. Select Available to all users if you want other users to be able to use the template.
  7. Save the template