Working with letterheads

There are two types of letterhead in Bp Premier:

  • The practice letterhead.
  • User-specific letterheads.

By default, Bp Premier will have a least one letterhead record, usually the practice letterhead. If you converted your data from another clinical application, the practice letterhead will have been converted, as well as any user letterhead records.

The practice letterhead is a global letterhead available to all users with permission to create and edit documents. For some practices, the practice letterhead is sufficient for all staff when printing documents.

You can also create letterheads that are specific to users. For example, a provider may prefer or be required to use his or her letterhead, which contains details specific to the provider. If a user does not have a user-specific letterhead, the practice letterhead will be used for any documents created.

To check if you have an existing letterhead in the system, select Templates > Edit Letterhead from the word processor. All the letterheads that have been set up are shown.

Note: If you intend to insert a logo or other graphic into your letterhead, optimise the image for size and colour in a graphic program prior to use in a template. Each time the letterhead is used, the image will be saved in the database. Keep image sizes as small as possible (less than 100Kb) to restrict the database size.

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