Bp Premier upgrade and install docs

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The following documentation is available to assist installing Bp Premier version Indigo Service Pack 1 for the first time, or upgrading an existing installation.

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Upgrade Resources

Document Name


Indigo SP1 Release Notes

The Release Notes contains all critical information about a release of Bp Premier, including:

  • New feature descriptions
  • Upgrade notes for existing installations
  • Enhancements
  • Bug fixes
  • General notices about the release.

The Release Notes should be the first document viewed if you wish to find out about a release of Bp Premier.

Known Issues (PDF)

The Known Issues document contains a description of all known issues for the current and recent releases, including workarounds where possible. Not all issues may apply to your Bp Premier version.

System Requirements

The System Requirements document outlines the minimum hardware and operating system requirements for the Bp Premier server and workstations.

Your environment must match at least the minimum requirements before installing the SQL Server database and Bp Premier.

Bp Premier Indigo SP1 Masterclass FAQs

This document contains FAQs from regular Bp Premier users from a wide variety of installation types and sizes, discussed throughout the Indigo SP1 Masterclass information sessions.

If you have questions about upgrading to Indigo SP1, the FAQ document may contain the answer.

Understanding Bp Comms Consent

Bp Comms Consent Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Bp Comms Contact Notes Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Bp Comms Pathology Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

These documents provide guidance on the new Bp Comms feature, available in Indigo SP1.

Best Practice Software recommend your practice review the Understanding Consent article to ensure you understand your obligations to patient consent with respect to the new message types you can send from Bp Premier.

Summit to Indigo Upgrade Checklist

Lava to Indigo Upgrade Checklist

Lava SP1 to Indigo Upgrade Checklist

Lava SP3 to Indigo Upgrade Checklist

These documents provide guidance on configuration changes you may need to make if you are upgrading to Indigo SP1 from a version prior to Indigo, such as changes to your cervical screening workflow (previously 'pap smears'), new disbursement and financial reports, and new adjustment and payment options for invoicing.

Workflow changes from Indigo to Indigo SP1 are described in the other documents in this table.

Bp Premier Server Move Guide

This document provides guidance on moving your Bp Premier Server from one machine to another. You do not need this document if you are installing Bp Premier for the first time, or upgrading without changing the server machine.