Bp Premier Indigo SP1 Release Notes

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These release notes describe all enhancements and modifications made to Bp Premier since version Indigo (

Release Date 

31 January 2019

Release version

Indigo Service Pack 1 (

Notes last updated

25 March 2019

What is in this release?

Indigo Service Pack 1 contains a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Review the sections in this document for more information.

Which version can I upgrade from?

You can upgrade to Bp Premier Indigo from version Summit ( or later.

Which data update do I need?

You must install the November 2018 Data Update or newer before running the Indigo upgrade. To check the current data update that you have installed, select HelpAbout. You can download data updates from the Best Practice Software website. Best Practice Software recommend installing the most recent Data Update before running a Program Update.

Which database and operating system versions are supported?

System requirements have not changed from the Indigo release. Supported database and operating systems versions are described in the Bp Premier System Requirements, available here.

When should I upgrade?

Best Practice Software recommend running the program upgrade outside of business hours.

If you are upgrading from Bp Premier Summit edition, Best Practice Software recommend planning your upgrade around an end of financial period event such as end of month or after a disbursement period. This will allow you to cleanly cut over to the new reporting system that was introduced in the Lava edition (included in this release).

If you are upgrading from Bp Premier Lava or later, you can run the upgrade at any time suitable outside of business hours.

How do I upgrade?

Brief upgrade instructions are included in this document for upgrading from DVD or downloaded file.

If you are upgrading from a version earlier than Indigo, review Where do I find more information? in this document to familiarise yourself with new features and changes that have been introduced since your current version.

What do I do after upgrading?

This will depend on the version of Bp Premier you are upgrading from. You may need to perform some configuration after your upgrade because of changes to functionality.

Indigo SP1 Bp Comms introduces major enhancements in several workflows, including pathology, clinical reminders, and patient consent to receive communications. Best Practice Software strongly recommend you familiarise yourself with the new features described in these release notes before you upgrade.

In particular, review the article Understanding Bp Comms Consent so you fully understand the implications of consent with the new Bp Comms message types.

Upgrade to Indigo Service Pack 1

You can upgrade to Bp Premier Indigo SP1 from versions:

  • Summit (
  • Lava (
  • Lava SP1 (
  • Lava SP3 (
  • Indigo (

Before you upgrade

  1. Review the known issues to see if any issues may affect your practice, and any workarounds you can apply. Known issues are available here.
  2. Back up your existing database before upgrading and test that the backup restores successfully. Store the backup file in a known location that is not the server.
  3. If any laptops have a database downloaded for remote use, upload all remote data to the Bp Premier server.
  4. Log out all users of Bp Premier before you start the upgrade of the server or workstation.
  5. Upgrade the Bp Premier server first and then ALL workstations at the same time. Workstations that are not upgraded will be unable to access new features following the upgrade of the server.

Run the upgrade

Install the latest Data Update

You must have the November 2018 data update or later installed before you upgrade to Indigo SP1. Check for the most recent data update available from the Best Practice Software web site before you run the program update.

  1. Open the Best Practice Software website www.bpsoftware.net in a browser.
  2. Select ResourcesBp Premier Downloads. Scroll down to the Data Updates section.
  3. Click the Data Update: Data Update - Comprehensive update for the most recent data update. The update row will expand.
  4. Click Download to download the file to your browser’s download directory, or right-click and select Save target as... or Save link as... to download to a location of your choice.
  5. Copy the update file BPS_Data_xxxxxx_comp.exeto the Bp Premier server computer. The filename will depend on the date of the Data Update.
  6. Double-click the file to run the Data Update.

Install the Program Update

When Bp Premier Indigo is released, the upgrade file will be made available from the Best Practice Software website www.bpsoftware.net from the ResourcesBp Premier Downloads page. You can also upgrade from the Bp Premier Indigo Installation DVD, if your practice has received a DVD mailout. Insert the DVD to start the installation.

  1. Open the Best Practice Software website www.bpsoftware.net in a browser.
  2. Select ResourcesBp Premier Downloads.
  3. Under the Program Updates heading, click Software: Bp Premier to expand.
  4. To view documentation associated with upgrading to the new release, click the hyperlinks in the description.
  5. Click Download to download the file to your default download directory, or right-click and select Save target as... or Save link as... to download to a location of your choice.
  6. Copy the upgrade file BP_1.9.1.863.exe to the Bp Premier server computer.
  7. Double-click the file to start the upgrade.
  8. Copy and run the file on each workstation to upgrade all workstations.

After you upgrade

Review the new features introduced in Bp Premier in all releases since you last upgraded for any changes required to workflows at your practice. New features are summarised in the table below. More information is available from the Indigo What's New? page here.

Where do I find more information?

I am upgrading from...

I need to know about...

Summit (

The Lava release introduced major changes to reporting and location functionality:

Read the Bp Premier Lava Release Notes.

Lava (

The Lava Service Pack 1 release introduced online claiming support for practices with multiple Minor IDs registered with Medicare:

Read the Bp Premier Lava SP1 Release Notes.

Lava SP1 (

The Lava Service Pack 3 release introduced major changes to cervical screening (formerly pap smear) terminology and requests:

Read the Bp Premier Lava SP3 Release Notes or the Quick Reference Guide.

Lava SP3 (

The Indigo release introduced the following new features:

Read the Bp Premier Indigo Release Notes or a Quick Reference Guide: Subpoena Tool, Bulk Bill Easyclaim, Reminders.

Indigo (

New features in Indigo Service Pack 1 are described in these release notes.

The Bp Premier Indigo Knowledge Base also provides the following guidance:

  • Bp Premier Indigo System Requirements
  • Bp Premier Known Issues
  • Bp Premier Installation Guide (for new installations)
  • General Bp Premier usage information.

New Features

The following new features have been included in the Indigo SP1 release. For a complete list of all enhancements made to Bp Premier in this release, see the tables of enhancements in this document.

Bp Comms

Bp Comms is an exciting new feature set of Bp Premier that expands practice-patient communications and provides a comprehensive audit trail of contact attempts throughout clinical workflows:

  • You can now send clinical reminders by SMS.
  • From most clinical and management functions, you can now record Contact Notes to capture all details about your practice's communications with patients, whether by phone, letter, or SMS.
  • Mail merge to SMS is now available from more functions, such as the database search utility. You no longer have to run a database search and switch to the Reminders function. You can run a database query and run a merge from the search results.

The sections below explain how Bp Comms affects several areas of Bp Premier, and the new features you need to be aware of when you upgrade to Indigo Service Pack 1.

Contact notes

A contact note represents any attempt to contact a patient by the practice, by phone, letter, or any electronic method consented to by the patient. To avoid breaking out of a workflow, staff can raise a contact note from multiple functions in Bp Premier where a communication might be necessary, including the appointment book, Follow up Reminders, Follow up Inbox, patient demographics, and sections of the patient record.

A note records the details of the patient or person contacted (if a next of kin or carer responds, for example), the contact reason, communication method, the number of contact attempts, and the success status.

Practice and patient consent

Bp Comms allows you to send more than just appointment and clinical reminders to patients. In the patient demographics, you record which types of communication a patient consents to receive:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Clinical reminders
  • Other clinical communications (such as returned results or other clinical messages)
  • Health Awareness (patient education and practice campaign materials).

Patients must now enrol to receive communications by SMS message. You can set up Bp Premier to require mobile number validation before Bp Premier includes the patient in SMS communications. You can also now import a practice consent form, signed by the patient, into the patient's demographics.

When sending out bulk SMS reminders, Bp Premier will automatically choose the most suitable communication method based on:

  • the electronic communication methods your practice has enabled for use in Setup > Configuration > Bp Comms
  • the contact types that a patient has consented to receive
  • the contact methods that a patient is able to receive.

For example, say that you are sending out clinical reminders to 20 patients, 18 of those patients have enrolled in SMS, and SMS is your practice's preferred primary contact method. When you review the reminders from the Reminders window, Bp Premier will automatically default the 18 enrolled patients to receive a reminder by SMS, and run a mail merge letter for the remaining 2 patients. You can modify the defaults before sending.

Patient messaging

You can now also send an SMS message directly to a single patient from the patient record, Provider Inbox, and Follow up Inbox.

Clinical Reminders

The clinical reminder workflow has been redesigned in Indigo SP1 to take advantage of SMS.

When you produce a list of patients for a reminder mailout from the Reminders window, you are no longer limited to a mail merge letter. Bp Premier will automatically default the contact method to use for all patients in the reminder list based on practice preference and patient consent. If a patient has more than one clinical reminder to receive, you can combine reminders into a single message.

You can still send reminders to letter, label, or file as in previous versions. Sending a reminder will automatically add a contact note of reason 'Reminder' to the patient's demographics.

The Previously Sent Reminders window (Reminders > View > Sent Reminders) has been improved to give practices more options in managing sent reminders: 

  • This window has been renamed to Follow up Reminders
  • More actions have been added to resolve a followup: View contact notes, book an appointment, mark as no longer required, or mark as performed.
  • From the right-click context menu, you can also mark as 'Declined' or mark as 'No response'.
  • The Contact Attempts column indicates the number of contact notes associated with a reminder.

The Reason column in both the Reminders and Follow up Reminders windows indicates if a reminder is clinically significant.

Appointment Reminders

The SMS Reminders window (Appointment Book > Utilities > Send Reminders) has been improved under BP Comms: 

  • This window has been renamed to Appointment reminders.
  • You can now indicate which practice locations to include when selecting appointments for the reminder sendout.
  • You can send SMS messages of length greater than 160 characters. If a message has exceeded the character limit for a single message, Bp Premier will warn the user that the message may cost multiple credits.

You can also now record an appointment contact note from the right-click context menu in the appointment book.

Instead of only 'Yes' or 'No', in SetupConfigurationAppt Reminders, you can now configure the patient response text to appointment reminder messages that will update the appointment book. For example, you could set Bp Premier to accept any of 'Y', 'Yes', or 'Ok'.


The user permission 'Send SMS Reminders' has been renamed to 'Send Bp Comms Messages'. This user permission now governs all electronic communication methods sent from anywhere in Bp Premier, including patient education material. To send an electronic message, the user will require this permission and permission to access that function of the software set to at least 'View'.

Depending on where they are recorded from, contact notes are linked to an area of Bp Premier, such as appointments or correspondence in. Permissions have been updated in Indigo SP1 to also govern access to linked contact notes.

For example, to view contact notes created from Correspondence in in the patient record, the user must have the 'Correspondence In' permission set to 'View only' or greater. To delete a contact note related to an investigation result, the user must have the permission 'Investigation reports' set to 'Add / Edit / Delete'.

Windows Services

A new Windows service Best Practice Messaging Service will be installed when you upgrade to Indigo SP1. The Messaging service manages incoming and outgoing Bp Comms communications. The service runs on both the server and clients. Message queue activity is written to C:\ProgramData\Best Practice\Log\MessageQueue.log.

The SetupConfigurationMsg Queue tab allows Bp Premier administrators to check the status of the Messaging service, and nominate one or more administrator-level users to receive an internal warning if the service fails.

The Messaging service will install and start up without user intervention, and users should never need to reconfigure the service. However, if your practice network uses firewalls, your system administrator may need to adjust your firewall settings on Bp Premier machines to allow incoming and outgoing Bp Comms.

HealthShare Directory

Indigo SP1 offers HealthShare's online directory of health providers from the word processor.

When you look up a referral or contact for a document, you can search an online directory for providers from the HealthShare tab of the Select addressee window. Search by name, speciality, and postcode to retrieve a list of matching specialists and practices.

The default address book to use for a provider is set in Setup > Preferences > Letters. If a provider has not set this preference, he or she will be prompted to select a default address book the first time the word processor is opened.

Healthlink Directory

This release of Bp Premier includes access to Healthlink 's online directory of health service providers. When editing documents with the Bp Premier word processor, you can look up and insert details for a health service provider from the online directory, as well as contacts stored in Bp Premier's local contacts list. You can import and synchronise your local contacts list with the online directory.


From the New Rx window, a Bp Premier user can now select a provider to prescribe on behalf of.

A new user permission Prescribe on behalf of enables this function. If this permission has been set to 'Allow access', the user will see a Prescriber dropdown at the bottom of the New Rx window. The Prescriber dropdown will only list users who have a Prescriber number recorded and is mandatory as follows:

  • If the logged-in user has a prescriber number, the Prescriber dropdown will default to the current user, but any other user with a prescriber number can be selected.
  • If the logged-in user does not have a prescriber number, the Prescriber dropdown will be blank, and another user must be selected from this dropdown before the New Rx wizard can continue.

SafeScript (Victoria only)

Indigo SP1 includes support for the Victorian government's SafeScript initiative to monitor dispensation of high-risk medication. If a prescriber has the Enable SafeScript option ticked in Setup > Preferences > Prescribing, when monitored drugs are prescribed, Bp Premier will connect to the SafeScript database and pass through any alerts that apply to the drug and patient.


Bp Premier has introduced improvements to better communicate to users when provider numbers or hours booked have exceeded the limitations of your Bp Premier licence:

  • Bp Premier will display a warning when a Practice Manager or Principal Doctor logs in and the number of Allied Health Professional users exceeds the number permitted by your licence to use the billing module.
  • Bp Premier will display a warning when a user attempts to book more than 25 hours of appointments in a single week for a part-time provider, or a part-time provider opens an appointment from the waiting room, and the provider's booking history for the previous four weeks indicates that the part-time hours limit has been reached.

Drug database backup and restore

The BPS Backup utility has been improved to include backing up and restoring the drug database. This will assist sites in restoring drug databases that have become corrupted.

A new option Setup > Configuration > Database > Backup drug database at the end of a data update, if ticked, will back up the drug database automatically after running a monthly data update, and store the backup file to the default Bp Premier backup file location, or an alternate location specified by the administrator.

On a Bp Premier server, you can run BPS Backup to manually back up or restore the drug database.

On a client, you can restore the drug database only, including restoring the drug database on a remote workstation disconnected from the Bp Premier server.

Clinical Enhancements

Bp Function

Release Notes


Bp Comms

As part of the new Bp Comms function, providers can now record contact notes from the following sections of the patient record: Investigations, Correspondence In, Correspondence out, and Clinical images.

If you move a document to another section in the patient record, associated contact notes are also moved.


Bp Comms (Clinical Reminders)

The Reminders and Follow up reminders windows have been improved.

See Clinical Reminders for more information.


Bp Comms (Contact notes)

An extra column Note has been added to the Investigation Reports, Correspondence In, Correspondence Out, Clinical Images, and EPC sections of the patient record. 'Y' in this column indicates a contact note is attached.


Bp Comms (Followup Inbox)

You can now send a message using one of the patient's consented electronic methods from the Follow Up Inbox.


Bp Comms (Inbox)

You can now send a message using one of the patient's consented electronic methods from the Inbox.



When importing a patient with observation data that may not exist in Bp Premier, the observation values can now be atomised and graphed.


HealthShare Referrals Directory

Indigo SP1 provides access to HealthShare's online directory from the word processor.

See HealthShare Directory for more information.



'Breast' and 'Prostate' have been added to the list of available selections for both genders when creating an Imaging request of type MRI.



National Immunisation Program (Childhood) Schedule changes from 1 July 2018 have been applied to the Childhood Immunisations section of the patient record.



You can now email links to MIMS Consumer Medicines Information leaflets to a patient (Patient record > View > MIMS Consumer Medicines Information). The link will download the document to the patient's device.


My Health Record

My Health Record menu labels have been updated.



The Current Rx section of the patient record now includes Select all and Select red buttons for selecting all current Rx and selecting all 'fully used' Rx respectively.



The Approval  No. in the New Rx window is correctly populated with 'Z' if the Quantity or Repeats values are increased for a streamlined drug.



A space now appears in Today's Notes between trade and generic names if both are selected.



A user can now prescribe on behalf of another prescriber.

See Prescribing for more information.


Prescribing (Victoria only)

The option Enable SafeScript has been added to Setup > Preferences > Prescribing for providers in Victoria who wish to enable this prescription service. 


Prescribing (Victoria only)

If a practice has both eRx and MediSecure configured for use with Bp Premier, a provider is prompted at login to select which electronic prescription service they wish to use for electronic Rx.

If eRx is already installed and a practice begins configuring Bp Premier MediSecure for use with Bp Premier (or vice versa), Bp Premier will prompt the user to confirm that the original installed electronic prescription service will be disabled.


Prescribing (Victoria only)

If SafeScript is enabled for a provider, when the provider prescribes a monitored drug, or changes the prescribed quantity, Bp Premier will contact SafeScript to check the monitored status for the practice's state and pop up any warnings generated from SafeScript. If SafeScript cannot be accessed online, Bp Premier will alert the user.


Today's Notes (backdating)

The Visit date field of the Today's notes section of the patient record can no longer be set to a date earlier than one month prior to the current date. This prevents excessive backdating of new notes.


Today's Notes (printing)

Visit notes that are included in a document and printed from the word processor now include a Recorded on date to indicate when the notes were recorded in Bp Premier.


Travel medicine

When immunisations are printed or saved from the Travel Medicine window, the note added to Today's Notes now includes the countries checked.


Management Enhancements

Bp Function

Release Notes


Appointment Reminders

A new field <DayofWeek> has been added to the list of fields for Appointment Reminder templates in SetupConfigurationTemplates. This field will display the day of week of the appointment (Monday, Tuesday, etc.).


Appointment Reminders

Improvements have been made to the SMS Reminders window.

See Appointment Reminders for more information.


Bp Comms

You can now configure the keywords that your practice will accept from patient SMS reminder replies to indicate accepting or declining appointment attendance. For example, you could configure Bp Premier to accept 'Yes', 'Y', and 'OK' as confirmation of attendance.


Bp Comms

A new Bp Premier Windows service called Best Practice Messaging Service has been introduced in Indigo Service Pack 1 to manage all incoming and outgoing practice electronic communications.

See Windows Services for more information.


Bp Comms

Added Resend message functionality to Contact notes list window.


Bp Comms

Consent to receive different types of communications from your practice has been enhanced to match the new Bp Comms feature.

See Practice and patient consent for more information.


Bp Comms

Message statuses for the different methods of communicating from Bp Premier (SMS, Email, Letter, Phone) have been standardised.


Bp Comms

Templates for all electronic communication types are managed from a central location in SetupConfigurationTemplates. Types include common practice messages such as clinical and appointment reminders, result notifications, and bulk messages from a database search.


Bp Comms (Appointment Replies)

When viewing the details for a contact note that is an SMS appointment reminder, you can view all of the replies sent by the patient.


Bp Comms (Contact Notes)

A new window ViewContact Notes displays contact notes for all patients in Bp Premier.

Contact Notes are viewable from many functions of Indigo Service Pack 1, but only show contact notes for the patient and context. The Contact Notes window from the main menu shows all contact notes that have been recorded. Use the filters at the top of this screen to restrict the contact notes that are displayed.


Bp Comms (Contact Notes)

Contact notes have been added to allow practices to record a visible history of patient contact.

A contact note represents any attempt to contact a patient by the practice, by phone, letter, or any Bp Comms electronic method consented to by the patient. Contact notes can be recorded from multiple functions in Bp Premier, such as Follow up Reminder, Follow up Inbox, patient demographic, and the patient record. A note records the details of the patient or person contacted (if a next of kin is contacted, for example), the communication method, the number of contact attempts, and the message status.

ViewContact Notes shows the history of all recorded contact notes. Otherwise, contact note history is limited to the patient in context.


Bp Comms (Contact Notes)

The Contact Reason 'General' on the Contact note window indicates that the contact note is not related to a specific correspondence or reminder. Notes raised from the Contact notes window will default to this contact reason.


Bp Comms (Database mail merge)

Prior to Indigo SP1, staff had to run a database search to extract a list of patients, and then send bulk reminders from the Reminders window.

You can now send reminders using patients' preferred communication method directly from the Database Search window. Bp Premier will automatically detect the preferred method for each patient in the result set, with an option to create a mail merge letter for those patients without a preferred electronic method.


Bp Comms (Permissions)

Contact notes are available from many Bp Premier functions in Indigo SP1 and can be linked to a contact reason, such as a reminder, result, or appointment.

Permissions have been updated to control access to contact notes based on contact reason. For example, to view contact notes from Correspondence in in the patient record, the user must have the Correspondence In permission set to 'View only' or greater. To edit contact notes related to a patient invoice, the user must have the permission Invoice set to 'Add / Edit / Delete'.


Bp Comms (Permissions)

The user permission 'Send SMS Reminders' has been renamed to 'Send Bp Comms Messages'. This user permission now applies to all Bp Comms electronic communication methods sent from any window in Bp Premier, including patient education material.


Bp Comms (Templates)

When a new template is created for all message Types except 'Appointment', 'MIMS Leaflet', and 'Patient Education Material', Bp Premier appends the text 'Do not reply' to the template text. This text can be edited or deleted.


Bp Comms (Templates)

A standard set of BP Comms templates for all contact types are provided with the Indigo SP1 release.


Printed invoices and receipts

For practices that tick the Print Medicare No and DoB on invoices and receipts option in Configuration > Billing, the patient's Medicare number and DOB are now printed in a different area on the A4 printout so that these details will not appear in an envelope's transparent window.


SMS messages

Indigo SP1 now allows you to send SMS messages to patients from the following functions: Inbox, Follow up Inbox, Clinical Record, and Utilities Search. Bp Service has been updated to check for Delivery and Reply updates from the new functions.

A refresh option is available to check for the latest replies from the Follow Up Inbox, Contact Notes list, and Appointment Book.


Licensing and Installation Enhancements

Bp Function

Release Notes


Drug Updates (Backup and Restore)

The BP Backup utility has been improved to include backing up and restoring the drug database.

See Drug database backup and restore for more information.



The Best Practice Software EULA for Bp Premier has been updated in Indigo SP1.



The installation and upgrade wizards have been improved to reduce potential conflicts arising from unsupported operating systems or databases:

  • The installation wizard will default selection to the minimum version of SQL Server supported by the operating system.
  • If a version of SQL Server is selected during installation that is not supported by the computer's version of Windows, the installation wizard will warn that the selected SQL Server version cannot be installed. The user must select a supported version to proceed with the installation.
  • Attempts to install or upgrade Bp Premier Indigo or later on a version of Windows no longer supported will result in a warning message. The installation will be halted.



The Database Selection panel of the installation wizard now shows the version and platform of the operating system on which you are installing.



Bp Premier has introduced improvements to better communicate to users when provider numbers or hours booked have exceeded the limitations of your Bp Premier licence.

See Licensing for more information.


Virtual Memory Logging

Virtual memory and runtime details are written to BPSError.log and displayed in Help > About > System Info.


Reporting Enhancements

Bp Function

Release Notes


Printing reports

A new option Page break between each top level group has been added to the Configuration tab of the Choose the Report Parameters window. This option will insert page breaks at the highest group level when printing. For example, payments, services, and transactions reports can group by provider and print each provider to separate pages.

Page separation is preserved when exporting to Word, Excel, or PDF.


Clinical Bugs Fixed

Bp Function

Release Notes



Some slowness opening patient records with observation data has been resolved.


Today's Notes

Bold, italics, and underline buttons and shortcut keys now apply the style regardless of the styles already applied to the selected text.


Care Plans

A fatal error occurred closing Bp Premier when a Care Plan preview window was still open or when printing a Care Plan. This has been resolved.


Prescribing with MediSecure

Scripts using MediSecure were taking longer to print. This has been resolved.

The first script of the day at a practice may still take longer to print.


Investigation reports

Opening a HL7 report with hyperlinked URLs resulted in 'Text Control' errors. This has been resolved.


Diabetes Cycle of Care

You can now use the '<' and '>' characters when entering values for a Diabetes Cycle of Care record.



Some sites have experienced errors when printing scripts using eRx. This has been resolved.


Linked immunisations

For practices that link immunisations to third-party software, provider name, provider number, and sequence number were not being exported to the Imm.OUT file. The 6-month Rotavirus vaccination also remained checked in the patient record after the vaccination is deleted.

These issues have been resolved.


Past Visits

Past visits can no longer be viewed and amended by users with Clinical notes permission set to 'No access'.


HealthShare fact sheets

When a fact sheet is opened in the default browser, a button now exists in the web page to generate text about the printed fact sheet that can be pasted into Today's Notes.

When a fact sheet is emailed, a note in the format of 'Healthshare fact sheet <fact sheet name> emailed to <patient email address>' is now written to Today's notes. The provider must have Generate progress notes as actions are taken ticked in Setup > Preferences > General.


ADF Post Discharge Summary

ADF Post Discharge Summaries that have not been previewed or finalised are now included in patient record exports, including the subpoena tool.



If a user clicked Delete while printing a script, Bp Premier could generate an error. The Delete button is now disabled until printing is saved or cancelled.


Prescribing (MediSecure)

Removed * from allowable characters when generating a MediSecure barcode printed on e-Scripts.


Incoming reports

Allocating a result to a doctor now correctly records the Updated and Updated By values.


Cervical Screening

Reusing a previous sent Cervical Screening Test request was not populating the Cervical Screening details correctly. Due to the long interval between normal results of a CST request, reusing a sent Cervical Screening Test request now only carries forward the Fasting, Hysterectomy, Radiotherapy, and Post Menopausal details.


Imaging requests

New lines in text entered into the Details to be printed on form field under Clinical Details in the request were not being wrapped correctly in the printed form, leaving some text truncated. This has been fixed.


Management Bugs Fixed

Bp Function

Release Notes


Word Processor

Insert an autofill in the Word Processor now leaves the cursor in the correct position on the same line.


Medicare forms

Some practices encountered slowness when printing the DB4 or other Medicare forms. Printing these forms is now faster.


Online claims

Some incentive items were causing the wrong item numbers to be sent to Medicare in bulk bill claims. This has been resolved.


Account adjustments

Apply multiple operations rule option setting is correctly retained when adjusting an account.


Account adjustments

Service details text is no longer incorrectly added to the description when accounts are adjusted.



When printing an account where the Provider is set to 'Practice', the practice's ABN is now correctly used rather than the logged-in user's ABN .


AIR submissions

When transmitting to AIR, if a patient has incomplete or incorrect address details, the error raised now includes the patient name.


Online claiming

If Medicare or DVA pays a higher amount than that claimed, adjustment records are inserted to change the Service amount to match what was paid. However, the payment record was being allocated against the original service record.

Payment records are now correctly allocated against the active, adjusted service record.


Certificate Manager

The Bp Premier certificate manager now imports certificates from the correct location when Bp Premier is started or when Import Certificates is run from the Configuration window.


Online Claiming

From the Online claim batch window, when adjusting a service to resolve an online claim exception, the adjustment was applied to other services in the list, even for paid services that should only allow Accept fee of. Adjustments to services from this window are now only applied to the selected service.



When adjusting an account from the Patient or Account Billing History windows, you can now set the Time of Service as if creating the account for the first time. This allows you to update the time of service if you change the items in an account.


General Bugs Fixed

Bp Function

Release Notes



Some text was present in the lower left corner of the Payments window when viewing some payments. This text no longer appears.


Known Issues



Fixed in


'Failed to prepopulate the form' error when generating a HealthLink Smart form for patients that have been imported into the Bp Premier database.

Versions Indigo, Indigo SP2, and Jade may also be affected.

For a single affected patient, open the patient's demographics and resave.

For bulk patient update, follow the instructions under the heading Failed to prepopulate the form in this Knowledge Base article.




Bp Premier does not currently allow shared health summaries or other documents to be uploaded to My Health Record when the patient has chosen to place an Access Code on their record, unless the practice has entered the correct code by first viewing the record.

Access codes are designed to give patients control over who can view their My Health Record, but should not prevent providers from uploading information.

This issue will also be encountered in previous versions of Bp Premier with MHR functionality.

Document upload

If you view the My Health Record in Bp Premier before attempting to upload, you will be prompted to enter the patient's access code. After the correct access code is entered, you can upload documents in the usual manner. You only need to perform the additional step once per patient with an access code.

Document removal or replacement

You may receive an error message when removing or correcting a document in cases where the patient has applied an access code after the document was originally uploaded to My Health Record. If you experience difficulties, please contact the My Health Record Provider Help Line (1800 723 471 and select option 2) and request removal of the document.

This problem will be corrected in an update to Bp Premier later in 2019.


When enrolling a patient's phone number, Bp Premier checks to see if any other patients have the same mobile phone number recorded.

However, this check will not report a duplicate number if the same phone number has been recorded with spaces.

For example, if a number has been recorded as '0404040404' for one patient and '0404 040 404' for another, Bp Premier will not detect the duplicate.

Ensure that your staff record phone numbers with consistent formatting when entering patient details.


Not yet resolved.


During an upgrade to Indigo Service Pack 1, Update Databases may fail due to an error if the Windows user running the upgrade does not have local permission to access the directory C:\ProgramData\Best Practice\Log.

This can affect the transfer of your SMS credit balance.


You will need to manually rerun Update Databases after the upgrade. This can take up to two or more hours, depending on the size of your database, and is best run after hours.

Until you have performed the resolution steps below, SMS usage at your practice will be limited as follows:

  • The use of SMS within the practice and all locations will cease to work, and all SMS schedules configured to run will not proceed.
  • The practice would need to fail back to manually calling all patients with appointments for subsequent days to confirm patient attendance, and reschedule those patients waiting for an available appointment.
  • The practice will not have the ability to send out ad hoc SMS notifications, such as a doctor running late.

Perform the following steps after normal business hours

  1. Back up the Bp Premier database.
  2. Double-click the file C:\Program Files\Best Practice Software\BPS\Update Database.exe.
  3. Log back in to Bp Premier and check the vale of your SMS credit . The value from before the upgrade should be transferred.

If you have further concerns if your site experienced this error, and you have rerun Update Databases after hours, export BP log files using the instructions here and send the log zip file to Bp Premier Support.

This issue is caused by local permissions.


Users are omitted from a Shared Health Summary report if their User ID does not exist in the Invoices table (that is, the user has never been associated with an invoice).

Applies to practices that are running version Indigo and have run the February 2019 Data Update.

Create and cancel and invoice for any omitted users so that they are recorded in the Invoices table.

Install the March 2019 Data Update to install the corrected version of this report.

Resolved in March 2019 Data Update.


Adjusting an invoice after a failed Bulk Bill Easyclaim transaction does not update the services on the invoice correctly. This issue most commonly occurs when the Tyro transaction fails because the patient’s Medicare card details have not been updated.

This issue may also be experienced for sites running Indigo and Indigo Revision 1.

If you experience this issue, call Bp Premier Support for assistance in correcting Bulk Bill Easyclaims that have required invoice adjustments.

Not yet resolved.


The appointment book will not automatically refresh and must be manually opened and closed to refresh.

This issue occurs if the operating system time on a Bp Premier client differs by more than a few seconds from the time on the Bp Premier server.

Resynchronise the time on the client machine to be exactly the same as the time on the Bp Premier server.

Close and re-open the appointment book to refresh.

Not yet resolved.


When using a workstation with a database that has been remotely downloaded, an 'Invalid Object Name' error occurs when printing prescriptions. The prescription can be printed, but SafeScript checks will not occur.

No known workaround.

Not yet resolved.


If a non-RTF format result file has been saved to a patient file under Investigations, and a workstation downloads the database remotely to operate in remote mode, the result file will no longer be viewable

If while in remote database mode the result file is moved to Correspondence In, and the remote database session is synchronised back to the server, the result file is replaced by the blank file and is no longer readable.

This also can also occur for sites running Indigo Revision 1.

If a blank result appears in Investigations while in Remote Database mode, do not move this file to Correspondence IN.

Not yet resolved.


Duplicate payment records can occur if two users run Check for Payment at same time.

When running the Services - By Account Type (Grouped by item) report and similar reports, a 'Subquery returned more than 1 value' error may be returned. This error may be caused by performing multiple service adjustments within Online claiming.

Please contact Best Practice Software Support for advice if you experience this issue.

Not yet resolved.


Marking an item in the Correspondence In section of the patient record as 'Given' can cause slowness if the patient has a large number of documents in Correspondence In.

This issue also occurs for version Indigo.

No known workaround.

Not yet resolved


The HealthLink online directory does not refresh existing search results when a name is cleared from the Name search field.

Clear the postcode value and re-enter it to regenerate search results.

Not yet resolved


A 'numeric overflow' error may appear that is generated by Bp Premier's system logging.

If this error occurs more than once, restart Bp Premier on the computer that experienced the error.

Not yet resolved


The Backup database button on the BPS Backup utility may be disabled when running a manual backup.

Set the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Best Practice Software\Best Practice\Database > Server to 'local' and reattempt the manual backup. Your IT support can assist with updating the registry.

You may need to change the registry value back to its original setting.

Not yet resolved


The default location for a manual backup (normally the last manual backup location) is reset if an automatic scheduled backup is set up or run.

Manually change the default location to the desired location when performing a manual backup.

Not yet resolved


When you right-click a batch and select Get processing report, the Online claim processing report does not list the surname of the patient for DVA claims.

Save the report, double-click the batch, and review all of the rejections with the patients' first name and surname. If a practice is only interested in viewing the data, you can print the report or go to View > Processing reports.

Not yet resolved


When adding batches to the Banking window, some sites may experience long waits to load available batches.

Contact Best Practice Software Support for a script to resolve the issue.

Not yet resolved.


When creating a Bp Comms SMS template with autopopulate fields that do not apply to the selected template type, an unrecoverable error can occur.

Do not manually insert or cut and paste fields between different SMS template types. Only ever insert autopopulate fields by selecting from the list of available fields in the Edit Bp Comms Template window.

Not yet resolved.


When searching the HealthLink online directory for contacts, the Maximum Distance search field is not consistently enabled when a postcode is entered.

No known workaround.

Not yet resolved


If a contact category has multiple specialist codes mapped, when searching for the category plus either a name or postcode, the results returned include providers that do not belong to the category selected.

No known workaround.

Not yet resolved


From the Follow up Reminders screen, selecting a reminder and clicking Contact Notes will only show those Contact Notes specifically related to that sent single reminder record, not all contact notes associated with the history of the reminder.

No known workaround.

Not yet resolved