What's new in Bp Premier

Saffron (January 2020)

Saffron includes Active Ingredient Prescribing functionality, which is mandated for all practices from February 01 2021. You must upgrade to Saffron in order to prescribe with Active Ingredient Prescribing.

You can download the Saffron Program Update from the Best Practice Software website Resources page. Download the Release Notes (PDF) for more information.

Jade (July 2019)

Jade is a major new version of Bp Premier that introduces the Best Health App, the Bp Partner Network, a host of enhancements for multi-location practices, and improved record locking for invoices and the Check for Payments function.

Jade has its own knowledge base to describe all of the new features in this release. Check out the Jade What's New page for the release notes and more information.

Indigo Service Pack 2 (April 2019)

Indigo Service Pack 2 updates the licence checks that were introduced in Indigo SP1 to match practice expectations of a normal business week:

  • The check to see if a provider has more than 25 hours booked within the last 7 days has been removed.
  • The check to see if a provider has an average of more than 25 hours booked over the previous 28 days now uses the next Sunday as end of the current weekly period. 28 days is counted back from the next Sunday when working out the average weekly hours booked over the last business month.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Update or check your Bp Premier licence

Indigo Service Pack 1 (January 2019)

Indigo SP1 features major enhancements to practice-patient communications and other enhancements to management and clinical functions:

  • BP Comms. Bp Comms allows your practice to send a variety of messages by SMS to patients, including clinical reminders, clinical communications for following up investigations, and health awareness messages for campaigns your practice might run. Read the Quick Reference Guide for the new clinical communication workflow, or read more...
  • Contact Notes. Contact notes provide a comprehensive audit trail of contact attempts throughout clinical workflows. Each time you send a patient a message, Bp Premier automatically records the contact attempt and links the contact note to the record, such as an investigation result or a clinical reminder. You can also manually record a note for a patient contact, such as following up an unpaid invoice. Read the Quick Reference Guide, or read more...
  • HealthShare Directory. When you look up a referral or contact for a document, you can search HealthShare's online directory from the Bp Premier word processor. Read more...
  • Drug Database backup. The BPS Backup utility has been improved to include backing up and restoring the drug database. Read more...

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Release Notes (PDF)

Understanding Bp Comms Consent

Masterclass Frequently Asked Questions

Bp Comms Consent Quick Reference Guide

Bp Comms Contact Notes Quick Reference Guide

Bp Comms Pathology Quick Reference Guide

Bp Comms Configuration online learning module

Masterclass — New features in Indigo SP1

Masterclass — Bp Comms Consent

Masterclass — SMS Messaging Workflows

Indigo (June 2018)

Indigo features a number of enhancements to management and clinical functions in Bp Premier

  • Tyro Bulk Billing. You can now process direct bill accounts through a Tyro terminal. Read more...
  • Subpoena tool. The new Subpoena tool exports all or selected sections of a patient record for legal or insurance purposes. Read more...
  • Clinically significant reminders. You can now group clinical reminders into Reminder types for easier management, and flag reminders as ‘clinically significant’. All reminder screens can be filtered by clinical signifance, so that staff always see the most urgent reminders to follow up. Read more...
  • New Paid and Invoiced statuses. The Appointment book legend now shows appointments that are ‘Invoiced’ and ready to be paid, and ‘Paid’ and not longer require attention. Staff can now quickly scan the appointment book at end of day and see which appointments have not yet been paid. Read more...
  • Patient Export and Import. You can now export selected components of a patient record, and over a date range, rather than exporting the entire record. Read more...
  • My Health Record. Bp Premier has enhanced its integration with My Health Record to reflect the ADHA’s Clinical Usability Program.

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Release Notes (PDF)

System Requirements (PDF)

Appointment book Quick Reference Guide

Bulk Bill Easyclaim Quick Reference Guide

Reminders Quick Reference Guide

Risk Minimisation Quick Reference Guide

Subpoena Tool Quick Reference Guide

More Indigo release and upgrade docs...

Lava Service Pack 3 (December 2017)

On 1 December 2017, a new National Cervical Screening Program replaced the current state-based screening registers. As part of the new program, the Pap smear was replaced by a combination of cervical HPV testing and Liquid-based Cytology.

Lava SP3 enhanced the Reminder and Cervical Screening functionality to support these changes:

  • A new Reminder 'Cervical Screening Test' has been added to the list of Reminders. The recommended interval between Cervical Screening tests is five years.
  • New tests 'Cervical Screening Test', 'Cotest (HPV & LBC)', 'HPV test, and 'LBC only' have been added to the Pathology Request screen in the December drug and data update.
  • You can record results for both the discontinued pap smear test or the new cervical screening tests.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Lava Service Pack 3 Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Lava Service Pack 1 (July 2017)

Lava SP1 introduced online claiming support for multi-location practices who have more than one Minor ID registered with Medicare. You need to install your Medicare site certificate against each location defined in Bp Premier.

Payment reports, transaction reports, and the Reversed Payment report now include details on bounced cheques. Practice nurses can now cancel Recall appointments. John Murtagh's patient education leaflets are now available from patient education resources.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Lava (August 2016)

Lava introduced major enhancements to Bp Premier's management functionality. A new Management reporting module provides a comprehensive set of detailed and summary reports that make financial reporting and provider disbursement much easier:

  • Reports presented in scannable pivot table format with expanding rows to drill down on service or payment information.
  • Common set of configurable reporting parameters for all reports.
  • Group report data by user, user location, or date of service.
  • Secure access to report data by report, or down to the level of provider and location.
  • Adjustments to services and payments are printed when they occur within the date range, eliminating the need for cancelled, written-off, and reversed payment reports.

Important: The Lava reports will significantly affect your practice's financial reporting and provider payments. If you have not upgraded to Lava, read the Lava Upgrade Checklist before you upgrade for guidance on preparing your practice for the changes in Lava.

Lava also improved how adjustments, reversals, and write-offs are handled, making it easier for the user to make adjustments visible in the Billing History screens. You can now also record and pay off invoices with deposits.

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Release Notes (PDF)

Masterclass Q&A (PDF)