Check patient SMS replies

The Appointment Attendance screen monitors whether patients have confirmed their appointment attendance by responding to an SMS reminder sent from your practice.

Practices that don’t use SMS appointment reminders can manually update appointment attendance.

Attendance confirmation is indicated by coloured icons in the appointment book slot.

Enable attendance icons in the appointment book

You may need user permissions to enable attendance icons in response to SMS reminders.

  1. Select Setup > Configuration > Appointments from the main Bp Premier screen. Toward the bottom of the screen is the option Automatically show attendance status on appointment book.
  2. Appointments Show Attendance Status

  3. Tick this checkbox to display appointment attendance status icons next to appointments on the appointment book.
  4. Icons are: 

    • Green for confirmed
    • Red for declined
    • Yellow if attendance has not been confirmed or declined.

Can I temporarily hide icons?

To preserve appointment book space, you can turn appointment icons on and off from the appointment book. Select View > Attendance Icons or press Ctrl + F10 to toggle between showing and hiding the icons.

Manage appointment SMS reminder responses

  1. From the appointment book, select View > Appointment Attendance. The Appointment attendance screen will appear.
  2. Appointment attendance

    By default, the screen will display a list of appointments for today’s date which have an attendance status of Neither declined or confirmed.

  3. Change the date range to see the appointments for a different date or use the Attendance drop-down list to view declined or confirmed appointments.
  4. The attendance legend at the bottom of the screen and an attendance status icon on the left of each appointment indicates an appointment's attendance status:
    • A green circle icon: the appointment has been confirmed.
    • A red circle icon: the appointment has been declined.
    • A yellow circle icon: the patient has been sent an SMS reminder but has neither confirmed nor declined the appointment.
    • No icon: the appointment has not been sent an SMS reminder and the appointment has not been confirmed or declined.
  5. The bottom of the screen has several buttons for managing appointments. Use these buttons to identify the current appointment status, contact the patient if required and update their appointment status.
  6. Button


    Scroll forward or backward through the appointments displayed


    Indicates that the patient has confirmed they are attending the appointment.

    Not attending

    Indicates that the patient has confirmed they are not attending the appointment.

    Edit appointment

    Displays the Appointment details screen, allowing you to edit the type, length, and details of the appointment.

    Reset attendance status

    Resets attendance status to 'Neither declined nor confirmed'.

    Cancel appt.

    Cancels the appointment from this window.

    Move appt.

    Moves the appointment to another appointment time.

    Appt. status

    Changes the status of the appointment – Booked, Arrived, Completed, Cancelled and Unavailable.

    Print list

    Prints the currently displayed list of patients.