Create an Appointment Book layout

Appointment book layouts allow your appointment book to display different users or combinations of users. There are also a number of system layouts which are visible in the appointment book but cannot be modified.

Before you begin

Before you can set up appointment book layouts, you must:

  • Tick Has appointments in User Details for users who can be booked in the apppointment book
  • Assign a provider number in User Details for each location at which a provider is attending
  • Set up sessions for all providers (this can be the default practice session).

Create a layout

  1. Select Setup > Configuration from the main Bp Premier screen.
  2. Select the Appointments tab and click on the Appointment book layout button. The Appointment book layouts screen will appear.
  3. Appointment book layouts

  4. Click the Add button in the top pane. You will be prompted to enter a name for the layout.
  5. Enter a name and click Save. A prompt will appear asking Would you like to populate the new layout with all providers who take appointments?
    • Click Yes to add all users with defined sessions to this layout. You can remove users later.
    • Click No to add users manually.

    A new layout will be listed in the top pane of the Appointment Book layouts screen.

Add users to the layout

  1. To add users to the layout, select the layout in the top pane and click Add in the bottom pane.
  2. A list of users who have Has appointments ticked in their User Details, and have sessions defined for at least one location, will be shown.

    Appointment Book Layout select user

    If a provider has sessions defined for more than one location, the provider will be listed more than once. In the example above, Dr Kimberlee Skaare has sessions defined for Location 1 and Location 2.

  3. Tick the Name and Location combination to only include a doctor's appointments for that location in this layout. In the example, only appointments for Location 1 will be shown for Dr Kimberlee Skaare in this layout. Tick all providers that you want shown in this layout.
  4. Click Select to return to the Appointment Book layouts screen.
  5. Modify the order in which users are listed in the layout by selecting a user and clicking the Up or Down buttons.
  6. Click Save from the Appointment Book layouts screen. You can now assign the layout from the appointment book.

Apply an Appointment Book layout

  1. Press F12 from the main Bp Premier to open the Appointment Book.
  2. On the right hand side, the Layout drop-down box lists the layouts set up on your system.
    • The Default layout is the original Bp Premier layout prior to multiple locations. The default layout displays all users who have appointments.
    • Each practice location you have created will have a layout, and will display any users who have appointments at that location.
  3. To change to a different layout, select the layout name from the drop-down list. The appointment book will show users associated with the layout.
  4. When you exit from the appointment book, the layout will be remembered as well as the users that were selected for display.