Export management data

You can export a subset of the management data stored in the database to a CSV, text, or XML file. For example, you might need to import financial data into a third-party accounting system, or your practice might save financial data to file regularly as part of policy.

If no other options are ticked, Bp Premier will export service record data only. You can choose to export additional management data, including:

  • Paid Services
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Adjustments made to payments
  • Appointments

The utility will export up to five .csv files. The default filename for each .csv file will match the type of data exported (for example, BPSAppointments<date>.csv, or BPSPaidServices<date>.csv).

The sections below explain the contents of each file, and the meaning of the payment type and payment code fields in the Payments and Paid Services records.

  1. From the main screen of Bp Premier, select ManagementExport data. The Management data export screen appears.
  2. Management Data Export

  3. Tick the management components you want to export to file.
  4. Select the From and To dates to export data between.
  5. Tick Include adjustments to include adjustments to payments and invoices.
  6. Click Export. You will be prompted for a filename, file type, and location to save the file. The default filename is 'BPS<recordtype>' with a timestamp appended.
  7. Click Save to export the data.

What data is exported?