Online claiming for private (real time)

The Patient Claiming function privately bills a patient and transmits service and payment information electronically to Medicare. Medicare then pays the refund to the patient via EFT only.

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Pay and claim methods

In most cases, the patient will pay the full amount and receive the refund at reception after the consultation, for example, processed through a Tyro terminal. The patient must have a bank account registered with Medicare. If the patient does not have a bank account registered with Medicare, the patient will not be able to receive the refund. As of 1 July 2016, Medicare do not send benefit cheques to a claimant’s address.

However, there are other methods to process online claiming, such as paying the gap only, or paying nothing up front. If the patient chooses to pay gap only or nothing, the patient will be mailed a ‘Pay Doctor Via Claimant’ (PDVC) cheque in the practice’s name to be given to the practice to settle the account.

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