Set up an automated SMS reminder schedule

An SMS Reminder Schedule automatically sends SMS reminders based on set criteria. For example, you could automatically send reminders to patients with specific appointment types, or all patients for a specified provider.

The procedures below assume that your practice will use Bp Service instead of the older Bp Link process to schedule automated SMS reminders. If you are running version Lava or later, Best Practice Software using Bp Service to scheduled automated functions. See Set up Bp Service for more information.

  1. Log in to the Bp Premier server. Select SetupConfiguration > Bp Service.
  2. Use Bp Service for SMS

  3. Tick Use BP Service for running automated SMS and click Configure Automated SMS.
  4. The SMS Automated Schedules screen shows a list of your current automated SMS schedules.
  5. SMS Automated Schedules

  6. To add a new schedule, click Add. The Add/Edit SMS Schedule screen will appear.
  7. Add or Edit SMS Schedule

  8. The options on the left-hand side set the default search criteria to automatically send SMS Reminders for. This screen is very similar to the SMS Reminders screen used to send reminders to bulk patients.
  9. For example, you could choose to automatically send SMS reminders to any standard appointments made for all doctors at your practice, except for appointments made within the last five days. Or you could create a schedule that only sends reminders for immunisations and pap smear appointments with Doctor Ivor Cure.

  10. On the right-hand side, enter a Schedule Name.
  11. Select how often to send scheduled reminders from the Send SMS reminders drop-down, and what time of day to send from the Send time field.
  12. Select the SMS template to use. You can create new templates from the SMS Reminders screen.
  13. Press OK to confirm the schedule.