Set up appointment SMS reminders

Bp Premier allows your practice to send reminders about upcoming appointments by SMS to a patient’s mobile device.

Before your practice can send SMS reminders, you must:

  1. contact Best Practice Software to register. Best Practice Software will ask you to complete and return a form. After processing the registration form, Best Practice Software will supply you with an SMS username and key.
  2. configure the SMS settings in Bp Premier as described below.
  3. set user permissions to 'Allow' for users who will be sending SMS reminders to patients.

Before a patient can receive reminders by SMS, you need to record a mobile phone number in the patient’s and record patient consent in the patient’s demographics.

You can also create automated reminder schedules. A reminder schedule automatically sends appointment reminders to patients based on criteria you provide (for example, send SMS reminders for appointments in the next seven days for all 'standard' appointments with 'Dr Smith').

Delivery reports, or notification that a message has been successfully delivered, are included in the SMS purchase cost and automatically enabled for SMS messages sent from Bp Premier.

SMS Reminders and Indigo SP1

If your practice has upgraded to Indigo Service Pack 1, SMS reminders are now managed under the Bp Comms function. Consent to receive appointment reminder SMS messages is preserved when you upgrade to Indigo SP1.

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