Welcome to Indigo Service Pack 1!

The following FAQs supply more information on the new features available in the latest version of Bp Premier, and how and when you should upgrade.

What new features are in Indigo SP1?

The Indigo release includes a number of enhancements to Bp Premier. Review the Indigo SP1 Release Notes here for more information on all new features and changes in Indigo SP1.

Make sure you review Understanding Bp Comms Consent so you understand the potential changes to patient consent to receive messages from your practice when you upgrade to Indigo SP1.

BP Comms

Bp Comms allows your practice to send a variety of messages by SMS to patients, including clinical reminders, clinical communications for following up investigations, and health awareness messages for campaigns your practice might run. Read the Quick Reference Guide for the new clinical communication workflow, or read more...

Contact Notes

Contact notes provide a comprehensive audit trail of contact attempts throughout clinical workflows. Each time you send a patient a message, Bp Premier automatically records the contact attempt and links the contact note to the record, such as an investigation result or a clinical reminder. You can also manually record a note for a patient contact, such as following up an unpaid invoice. Read the Quick Reference Guide, or read more...

HealthShare Directory

When you look up a referral or contact for a document, you can search HealthShare's online directory from the Bp Premier word processor. Read more...

Drug Database backup

The BPS Backup utility has been improved to include backing up and restoring the drug database. Read more...

How has patient consent changed in SP1?

The Bp Comms functionality in Indigo SP1 allows a practice to send multiple types of messages to a patient by SMS, not just appointment reminders. You can also send:

In Bp Premier Indigo and earlier, patients only needed to indicate if they consented to receive appointment reminders. In SP1, you need to record consent for all new message types. For example, a patient may indicate that they only want to receive appointment and clinical reminders by SMS, and do not want to receive clinical communications or health awareness messages.

Information on how Bp Comms affects consent at your practice, and activities you need to consider before you upgrade, is provided in the article Understanding Bp Comms Consent

You can also find Frequently Asked Questions from Bp Premier users that arose during the recent Indigo SP1 Masterclass training.

Which version can I upgrade from?

You can upgrade to Bp Premier Indigo from the following versions.

  • Summit (
  • Lava (
  • Lava SP1 (
  • Lava SP2 (
  • Lava SP3 (
  • Indigo (

If you are running a version of Bp Premier earlier than Indigo and want to find out more about the features introduced in other version, review the table Where do I find more information? in the Indigo SP1 Release Notes.

Have the system requirements changed?

The supported operating systems and SQL server databases have not changed from Indigo.

Bp Premier Support can only effectively support operating systems and databases that are currently supported by Microsoft. If your installation of Bp Premier runs on an operating system or SQL Server version no longer supported by Microsoft, Best Practice Software strongly recommend that you discuss with your IT provider the feasibility of upgrading your OS or database before you can upgrade to Indigo SP1.

For the complete system requirements for Indigo SP1, review the Indigo System Requirements here.

When should I upgrade?

Best Practice Software recommend running the program upgrade outside of business hours.

If you are upgrading from Bp Premier Summit edition, Best Practice Software recommend planning your upgrade around an end of financial period such as end of month or after disbursement. This will allow you to cleanly cut over to the new reporting system that was introduced in the Lava edition (included in this release).

If you are upgrading from Bp Premier Lava or later, you can run the upgrade at any time suitable outside of business hours.

How do I upgrade?

When Best Practice Software officially announce the live release of Indigo SP1, download the Indigo Program Update file from the Best Practice Software website www.bpsoftware.net, copy the file to your Bp Premier server, and double-click the file to start the upgrade. Or insert the Upgrade DVD you received from Best Practice Software into the Bp Premier server computer.

Depending on the version of Bp Premier that you are upgrading from, you may need to familiarise yourself with features introduced in Lava, Lava Service Pack, and Indigo releases. Release notes are available for these versions from the What's New page.

If you are upgrading from Summit, you will need to perform some configuration after the upgrade to accommodate new functionality that was introduced in the Lava releases, including:

  • Support for multiple locations
  • Adjustments and deposits
  • New reports
  • Cervical screening

How do I back up my database?

Always back up your current database before running a Program Update, and test that the backup file restores successfully.

Instructions on how to back up and restore the Bp Premier database can be found here.

Can I roll back after upgrading?

If advised by Best Practice Software Support, you can roll back to your previous version after upgrading. Instructions can be found here. You should only perform a rollback after contacting Best Practice Software Support. You may require your IT services provider.

How do I install the latest Data Update?

Best Practice Software release a data update for Bp Premier at about the beginning of every month. You can download the data update install file from the Best Practice Softwarewebsite www.bpsoftware.net. Instructions on how to install a Data Update can be found here.

The Indigo SP1 Program Update requires you to install the November 2018 Data Update or later before you upgrade to Indigo SP1.