Importing a document template

You can import templates from other Bp Premier locations at your practice, other sites, or even from other clinical software applications.

To be imported into Bp Premier, a template must be:

  • created in an application which supports TX text controls for creating fields (Best Practice and Medical Director 2 and MD3 support TX controls)
  • in .RTF (rich text format).

Important: Do not open any file to be imported in an external word processor, because any template fields will be lost. If you are downloading a template from a website or email, right-click the link and select Save as so you can save the document to disk rather than open the document in the default application.

  1. Save the template file to a known folder on the Bp Premier server or anywhere accessible in the network.
  2. From the main Best Practice screen, click the Best Practice Premier Word Processor Icon icon or select Utilities > Word processor from the menu. When in a patient record, select File > New Letter The word processor will open.
  3. Select Templates > Import Template. Browse to the directory that you have saved the .RTF template into.
  4. Select the file name to be imported and click Open.The template will be displayed in the word processor.
  5. Make any changes to the imported template.
  6. Save the template and select Available to all users to allow other users access to the template.
  7. You can create documents from the imported template.