Install TeamViewer QuickSupport

The instructions below allow a Best Practice Software Support member to remotely access a Bp Premier server or workstation through TeamViewer QuickSupport.

  1. Right-click the link below and select Save link as... or Save target as.... Save the file to the computer that will be remote-accessed.
  2. Download TeamViewer QS

  3. Double-click the downloaded file TeamViewerQS.exe. Wait for the status at the bottom to change to 'Ready to Connect'.
  4. TeamViewer will display a unique Your ID and Password for the session.
  5. Team Viewer ID and Password

  6. Quote the ID and Password shown to the Best Practice Software Support team member. The team member will now be able to remote-access the computer.

Note: The ID and Password is valid for the current session only. To enable future remote access, you will need to rerun the program and generate a new ID and password.