Configure Bp Premier for My Health Record

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have obtained a HPI-O number for your practice, the HPI-I numbers for each provider in your practice, and your Medicare Location and NASH PKI certificates.
  • When performing all procedures below, log in to Windows on the Bp Premier server as an administrator user.
  • Enable UAC (User Access Control)in Windows on the Bp Premier server, if your version of Windows enables UAC.

Discontinuation of NASH certificate CDs

From 07 November 2018, Medicare no longer issue NASH certificates as physical CDs. Organisation Maintenance Officers can now securely download digital NASH Organisation PKI certificates via HPOS (Healthcare Provider Online Services). Organisations whose existing NASH Public Key Infrastructure certificates expire after 07 November will no longer automatically receive a CD in the mail. Instead, you will be sent a letter approximately 60 days before the certificate expires notifying you of the expiry date and directing you to download a new certificate through HPOS.

NASH certificates expire after two years and need to be regularly renewed to ensure ongoing connectivity. Check the expiry dates of your imported NASH Organisation KPI certificates in Bp Premier and note when you will need to import new certificates. See Certificate expiry and update for more information.

Information on applying for a NASH certificate through HPOS is provided in the Department of Human Services website.

After configuring Bp Premier for eHealth, patients will need to register for a My Health Record before providers can upload clinical details. Patients can register themselves and their children at

Or providers can assist patients with registration. See Assist a patient with My Health Record registration for more information.