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Version 7, 2019


Add Consultation Notes

Consultation Notes can be added to a client for each consultation or appointment that they have entered into Bp Allied. Notes added into here are available for merging into letters. The fields available for the collecting information on a client are dependent on the module that has been installed. The information in the section below is a general guide on the types of information that can be entered. The fields available for collecting client appointment information can be customised if there is additional information that needs to be collected.
Add Consultation Notes

Available tabs

1. Available tabs
Select the Consultation tab

Appointment Date

2. Appointment Date
Select the appointment date to add consultation details for

Consultation tabs

3. Consultation tabs
The Consultation notes that can be added to a client are likely to be split into various tabs used to group together information
Tip: In the Psychologist Layout, some of the information is displayed on a chart (or graph). For details on how to display this information on the chart click here.

Text fields

4. Text fields
Text fields are used to enter in qualitative information about a client with reference to the label on the lefthand side. Once the available space is used then the scroll bars become enabled.

Notes from previous appt

5. Notes from previous appt  
By hovering over the i icon the information entered into this field for the previous appointment is displayed

Numeric Fields

6. Numeric Fields
Numeric fields enable the entry of specific numerical information. By using a numeric field for this then the information can be plotted on a graph over time.

Tickbox Fields

Tickboxes allow specific questions to be answered Yes/No, True/False or Positive/Negative depending on the context. A tick in the box equals Yes/True/Positive.

Other Consultation tabs

8. Other Consultation tabs
Click on the next tab to add more information
Click Save