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Version 7, 2019


Add additional family members to a Genogram

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Add a family member

Additional family members can be added by selecting the person the family member is be added to
In the Create Relationship section
Click on Add Father to add a father
Click on the drop down and choose the relationship to add
The Add a Family Member Screen displays
Add additional family members to a Genogram

Add Name

1. Add Name
Enter in the person's name
The last name defaults in because a family relationship is specified. It does not default in when Spouse is selected.

Add Date of Birth

2. Add Date of Birth
Add a Date of Birth (optional)

Living check

3. Living check
Untick if the person has deceased.
If the person has deceased they display as an outline only in the genogram.

Add place of birth

4. Add place of birth
Add a Place of Birth (optional)


5. Add
Click Add to add the person to the genogram


6. Cancel
Click Cancel to exit and not save the person

To add a grandparent


Add a second relationship

Adding a second relationships e.g.step parents, new spouses as added as “spouses” to the parent using the method described above. The relationship lines can then be edited. Read more...
For example, Kelly James below is added as George Gregson’s current “spouse” as indicated by the solid line.