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Version 7, 2019


Add a new Referrer

In Bp Allied a Referrer is someone who refers a client to your practice. A Referrer is usually a health or medical practitioner e.g a GP. A Referral is a document from a Referrer that refers to Client to a Practitioner for a specific reason (or problem). A Referral is entered against the Client Details and must include the Referrers details (if a refund is sought from Medicare or another Health Fund) along with other referral information. For a Referrer to be able to be added to the Client Details as part of the Referral their information needs to be added to the Referrers table in Data Maintenance.
Clients can be captured as referrers of other Clients in the Client Details > Preferences & Statistics tab
Add a new Referrer

Referrers List

1. Referrers List
This lists all referrers
These can either be scrolled through using the scroll bar arrows or searched for by using the Find option
The referrers highlighted in pink are inactive

Add new Referrer

2. Add new Referrer
Click in the Add new Referrer and a blank referrers screen is displayed.


3. Delete
A referrer can be deleted if it is not attached to any client records.
If there are linked records then these need to be removed first before it can be deleted.

Find a Referrer

4. Find a Referrer
This Find option searches all fields in the Referrer table.
Enter in the search term
Click Find (or press enter on your keyboard).
Clear the search value out the field to see all Referrers again.

Referrers Name

5. Referrers Name
Click in the fields to add the Referrers name or Organisation or Provider ID
The Provider ID is required so that it can be displayed next to the Referrers name in a referral
If this is left blank it can result in the referral being displayed as a large red X
This is used on Invoices where the Referrers information is merged in.

Referrer's Contact Details

6. Referrer's Contact Details
Click in the fields to add the Referrers Contact details as required
If an address is entered then a Suburb/Postcode MUST be entered
Add the Referrers Email address to enable Letters or Invoices to be emailed to the referrer

Referral Source

7. Referral Source
This is a customisable list that can be used capture information about where the referring organisation heard about your practice.

ATAPS Referrer Type & Code

8. ATAPS Referrer Type & Code
Used by ATAPS Psychologists only

Secure messaging provider

9. Secure messaging provider
Used to identify the messaging provider used by the referrer. This is so that information can be sent from Bp Allied to the Referrer using one of the Secure Messaging protocols rather than email.
The three Secure Messaging protocols available are: ReferralNet and Argus.
To add the details in for a Referrer:
Select the Secure Messaging provider from the drop down
The relevant Secure messaging User ID / Email Address field will become enabled
Enter in or search for your Referrers details
Please note: Health Link is currently unavailable.


10. Inactive
Tick if the Referrer is no longer an active referrer. A Referrer can become Inactive for a number of reasons e.g. retired or moved location. Using the Inactive tick box enables the list of available Referrers can be managed. Once a referrer is linked to a Client Record they can not be deleted.
These referrers are displayed in pink.


11. Print
Prints the list of Referrers and includes only the fields displayed in the table list.

Export to Excel

12. Export to Excel
Exports the list of Referrers and includes only the fields displayed in the table list.

Linked records

13. Linked records
Lists the records linked to the record selected.


14. OK
Click OK to save changes and to close the Data Maintenance window.


15. Cancel
Click Cancel to disregard changes and close the Data Maintenance window.


16. Apply
Click Apply to save the changes and keep the Data Maintenance window open.