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Version 7, 2019


Calendar Management (Admin Only)

Before you start:
You need to be a System Administrator or have permission 5000 enabled to add someone new. If you're not, then the Calendar Administration button will be disabled.
View our video - Add a user and see how to add a user or practitioner and allow calendar access.

To open Calendar Administration

Go to System > Options > Calendars
Click Calendar Administration
Calendar Management (Admin Only)

User Selection

1. User Selection
Select the User to set up with the calendars they can view

Calendar Selection

2. Calendar Selection
Click in the Click here to add new row
Select the User whose calendar is to be made available from the User drop down list
Tab through the fields or click Enter to add the user to the list

Available Calendars

3. Available Calendars
Tick the Show field
Only Tick Read Only if the User does not need to create or edit the other users calendar
Change the Calendar Colour as required
Change the Display Order as required

Allow All button

4. Allow All button

Save button

5. Save button
Click Save to save the changes to the selected User.
A new user can be selected to make changes to as above

Save & Close button

6. Save & Close button
Click to Save and Close Calendar Management

Cancel button

7. Cancel button
Click to Cancel any changes.