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Version 7, 2019


What happens when a duration limited referral expires?

When a duration limited referral is due to expire a warning displays, and when it has expired an expired message displays then no further appointments can be created with this referral attached.
V7 Referral Updates. This masterclass tutorial explains how to use the new referral functionality in the V7 release of Bp Allied, including indefinite referrals, managing the expiry of duration based referrals as well as using the allow multiple current referral option. Also included is the Client Management report and other tips for managing multiple current referrals.
What happens when a duration limited referral expires?

Referral Details

1. Referral Details
If the referral is set to "Current Referral" then it will automatically attach to an appointment when created regardless of whether it has expired or not.
If Allow Multiple Current Referrals is checked, the the current referral with the most recent date will be added by default.

Number of visits this year

2. Number of visits this year
This is the number of appointments the client has had in this calendar year

Number of visits left on this referral

3. Number of visits left on this referral
This is the number of visits that are left on this referral and is not relevant for a duration based referral.
This is calculated bay taking the Duration (No of Visits) allowed by the referral and subtracting the Qty Used (Number of appointments created using this referral).
If it is a duration limited referral or an indefinite referral then the Qty Remaining will display a negative number.

Referral has expired

4. Referral has expired
When the number of visits left on the referral is zero then the Referral visits completed warning displays.
For a referral with a duration limited, the following message boxes display:
When the referral is due to expire.