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Version 7, 2019


Create or edit reminder & email templates

Templates for all SMS and Email messages sent from Bp Allied can be created in here. This has expanded from SMS and Email reminders to include the following:
Bp Allied V.7 - Masterclass - Email invoices and letters - this explains how to create and use email templates when sending letters and invoices.

To create or edit an Email or SMS template

Create or edit reminder & email templates

Contact Type

1. Contact Type
Select the type of contact that the template is to be used for. This will ensure that it is displayed in the correct place.
Email – used by Email Reminders
SMS – used by SMS Reminders (and are displayed as a selection option in Send SMS)
SMS Confirmation – used by SMS Confirmations
EmailInvoice – displayed in the Message Template drop down when emailing an Invoice
EmailLetter – displayed in the Message Template drop down when emailing a letter as an attachment

Template Name

2. Template Name
The name of the template

Default template

3. Default template
Is this the default template?
Tick the box to set this template as the default. Only one template of each Contact Type can be set as the default.
  • Email and SMS Reminder, and SMS Confirmation Templates can be assigned to a UserID(or Practitioner)
  • If no template is assigned then the default template will be used

Message Subject

4. Message Subject
This is only relevant for Emails. This is the text to include in the subject line of the email.
Please note: Merge fields can not be used in the subject line.

Template text

5. Template text
This where the text to be included in the message is formulated using a combination of static text and Bp Allied fields.
  • Click in the field to type in the static text
  • Type in the Message Merge Fields exactly as they appear in the list.
Example email:

Character Count

6. Character Count
This is the number of characters - letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation - used in the message. The count shown is the number in the message displayed on the screen.
  • If the information merged into a field placeholder e.g. [Date] is longer than that of the placeholder field then the character count will be more. For example: [Date], which is 6 characters long is merged as 16/07/2012, which is 10 characters long. The count would be 4 characters longer.

Message Merge Fields

7. Message Merge Fields
These are the fields from Bp Allied that can be merged into the reminder sent. This allows the information in the message to be dynamic e.g. include the practitioner name for the specific appointment being reminded of.
It is important that these fields are copied into the message text exactly as they are shown including the square brackets. If they are changed then the Bp Allied information will not merge in.
The format of the date that is merged into the template is based on the default date format selected in Options > Documents.

Navigation Buttons

8. Navigation Buttons
These buttons are used to move forwards and backwards between the various SMS templates, add or delete a template and end or cancel editing the template.
Go to the Glossary to see more details on these buttons

OK, Cancel & Apply

9. OK, Cancel & Apply
Click OK to save the template and close the Templates form
Click Cancel to close without saving changes
Click Apply to save the template before moving to another one to make changes.