Glossary of terms


stands for Access to Allied Psychological Services


Check or Tick Box




A location in memory where copied or cut text and objects are stored temporarily

Close Window Menu

This is a standard menu accessed via the icon on the top left hand corner of a window. It replicates the functions carried out by the three standard buttons on the top right hand corner of a window.

Context Menu

A menu that displays by clicking the right mouse button when on a particular object, e.g. an appointment. This menu changes depending on the object clicked on.

Direct Connection

A computer that is connected directly to the database which is ususally stored on a server. A computer with a direct connection does not store a copy of the database locally and hence does not need to sync.

Drop down menu

By clicking on the arrow a list of options will display.


Either scroll down the list and click on the option required


Start typing the option required and a list that meets the criteria entered will display. This is particularily useful for long lists, such as Clients.

Date Drop Down Menu

By clicking on the arrow a calendar will display based on the date currently in the field.

Either click on the date required


Use the arrows to move to a different month.

The values in a date field can also be changed by overtyping the details in the field.

Expansion button

This allows a drop down list to be expanded. Useful if there is a description wider that the size of the drop down list.


A box where information is entered in that is then saved into the database. These are named e.g. Last name


Used to limit the number of records displayed depending on a set of criteria entered. See Grouping and Filtering

Group by Box

e.g. Find Free Time Results Window See Grouping and Filtering

Maximise, Minimise & Close Buttons

Minimise - folds the window down to the taskbar

Maximise - expands the window to full size of the screen

Close - exits the window (or application)

Navigation Buttons

Arrow keys are used to move through records.

Plus key - adds a record

Minus key - deletes a record

Tick - ends and saves changes

Cross - cancels the changes

Radio button

Click on the required value to change the dot that is highlighted

Right mouse menu

Also called a context menu. The right mouse button is used to access these menus that change their content depending on the object clicked on e.g. an appointment

Syncing or Synchronising

Synchronising is also referred to by the shortened term of "syncing" within this document. Syncing is a method of transferring data to ensure that the information on two or more computers is the same. See Synchronising Bp Allied.


Located on the left-hand side of your key board it can be used to move your cursor between fields without using your mouse

Navigation Toolbar(also known as a Ribbon)

A bar usually at the top of the screen with a series of buttons on it. Toolbars are usually function specific and will change depending on where you are in an application.

Up & Down arrows

The values in these field can be changed by either clicking on the arrows or overtyping with the value required


The way a window has been set up e.g. Day view where only one day of a calendar is viewed in the Appointment Book in Bp Allied.