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Version 7, 2019


Viewing SMS Replies in Bp Allied

Bp Allied is now able to be setup to receive replies to SMS Reminders. These replies are located in the Incoming Messages panel accessed via the Appointment Book right-hand toolbar.  The Bp Allied Scheduler needs to be setup to receive replies and a change needs to be made to the settings in SMS Global. See the System > Options > SMS Reminders settings for details.
The reply message includes the Client Name, Date and Time of the appointment as well as their reply.
The reply will show which Client the message as been received from. If there is a date associated with the reply then this relates to the appointment the message was sent from. If there is no date, then this is a reply to an adhoc SMS sent via the Send SMS option.
Tick the box to mark the Message as complete
Once completed the message will be removed from the list
To review Incoming Messages received run the Incoming SMS Messages repor, this includes all of the messages that have been completed.

Changing the Appointment Book View

Clicking the push pin on the title bar will permanently place the panel on the Appointment Book screen.