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About Linked Records

A linked or related record is one that is connected to another record. For example, a referrer has been linked to a client referral and an appointment has been made for the client which is attached to that referral.
Once a record has something linked to it then it can not be deleted, unless all of the links are removed first. This is because the linked records would have information missing. Following on from the example above, if the referrer was deleted then the referral information on the client record would have the referrers details missing as would the appointment. It would effectively render the referral information useless. For this reason, a number of tables have an option to make a record inactive, as shown below in the Referrers table. This means that the information is still available for all records that require it but that it is not available as an option when something new is created. So, an inactive Referrer can still be seen in the Referrers table within Data Maintenance but it is not available to be added as a Referrer in a client referral.

To find out if a record has anything linked to it

In Data Maintenance
Click on the data set required, e.g. Referrers
Click on the record being investigated
Click Linked Records
The Related Records - [table Name] is displayed
About Linked Records

Linked Records

1. Linked Records
These are the records that are linked to the selected record
In the information shown, the Referrer, "Harry Houdini" is linked to referrals dated the 31/05/2012 and 12/07/2012 for clients "Tommy Stevenson" and "Jason Sargent"
Please note, that when deleting a record from Payment Types, the Linked Records box will appear twice. Once, for any payments with that option attached to it and a second time, for any clients with it set as their default payment type.

Filter Records

2. Filter Records
The Linked Records can be filtered if required.

Print Preview

3. Print Preview
Preview the Linked Record information prior to printing

Export to Excel

4. Export to Excel
Export the Linked Record information to Excel.
Save when prompted


5. Close
Close the Related Records window.