MYOB - Known Issues and Error Messages

At the time of initial release these are the current known issues. Their workarounds are detailed below:

  • The first time Clients and Products are exported, the system does not refresh. Sales won't import because it thinks that the Clients and/or Products aren't in MYOB. You currently need to close the report and go back into it to get the updated data.
  • For clients with multiple addresses of one type  - e.g. a client with two Work Addresses. The first of these addresses will be selected. If all the addresses are required, change the type of one of the addresses. Bp Allied allows for three different addresses for a Client.
  • Clients with multiple primary Email Addresses are shown multiple times. These "Duplicate" rows must be selected and deleted from the output before export. Alternatively, untick Primary on one of the email addresses. Having two primary email addresses will cause issues with email reminders as the reminder will not send if there are two primary addresses.
  • Unallocated credit balances are not exported. For example, if a payment is taken for $600 but only $400 is allocated against Invoices then the credit for $200 is not exported because at this stage Bp Allied does not include the concept of Credit Notes.
  • MYOB will allow duplicate numbers Invoice, Payment or Refund as long as the client the invoice is attached to is different. You will only get an error or exception when a Client has a duplicate ID number for an Invoice, Payment or Refund.
  • If an individual item is deleted from an invoice that was previously exported to MYOB, and then the invoice is re-exported to MYOB, during export, BPA throws an error - Index was out of range. Please update the Invoice manually in MYOB and report this issue to Bp Allied Support if the issue is a regular occurrence so we can review our API implementation.

Error Messages

IMPORTANT  All items must have a Unique Item number.

The Accounting Item number field for the Product with the red highlight must be updated in Data Maintenance > Product and Services. The value must be unique.

The GST code(s) do not exist in MYOB, update GST Code(s).

The GST Code number field for the Product with the red highlight must be updated in Data Maintenance > Product and Services.

Duplicate Invoice Numbers

This error will occur if there are separate invoices for the same client, with the same Invoice number on the same date. One of the invoices will not transfer to MYOB as there is no unique identifier.