DVA (Scheduled Fees) Import

In order for Bp Allied to process DVA transactions for the correct amount we require a list of DVA (Scheduled Fees) to be imported and updated from time to time.

Import and/or update the DVA Scheduled Fees list

  1. Go to Data Maintenance > DVA (Schedule Fees) > Get latest DVA File.
  2. This will check for the latest file on our server and import this within the Bp Allied Database.

    The date and time along with the name of the last file imports in shown at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Click Update Products & Services to update the DVA Fee listed within Products and Services.  When this is clicked, Bp Allied will check for matching item codes within Products and Services and insert the correct DVA  Fee.  
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Once updated the DVA fee will be seen in the Product and Services screen as below.
  6. Any DVA items will need to have their Sell Price manually updated in Data Maintenance > Products & Services to match the DVA Fee.

    If you add a new Product and Service into Bp Allied that has an MBS Item Code, you will need to click Update Products & Services for the item to be assigned the correct Scheduled Fee and/or Benefit.