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Version 7, 2019


Set up Appointment Book Options

Set the options for the default display of the Appointment Book.
Set up Appointment Book Options

Show Appointment Book on Startup

1. Show Appointment Book on Startup
This loads the appointment book and selects the current day when Bp Allied is started.

Allow entry/editing of prior App

2. Allow entry/editing of prior App
Allows entries for past dates to be entered into the appointment book retrospectively.  By default this is switched off to prevent accidental appointment bookings being recorded to the incorrect date.

Show Calendar Navigation Bars

3. Show Calendar Navigation Bars
The buttons allow navigation through the calendar.
  • They DO NOT show if there are appointments that day.
  • If there are no appointments then the navigation bars display the words "previous appointment" to move to the most recent past appointment, or "Next Appointment" to move to the next appointment booked in the calendar.

Allow conflicting Appointments

4. Allow conflicting Appointments
This allows appointments to be created in the same timeslot, that is, double-booking.  This option is turned off by default.

Show "All Day" Appts in Time cells

5. Show "All Day" Appts in Time cells   
If ticked then an All Day appointment will block out all time cells (as above) rather than just displayin the header of the Day column in the Appointment Book.
All day appointments as shown in the header, rather than all day (below)

Confirmation Dialog

6. Confirmation Dialog
Tick this to display the confirmation message when changing appointment details.

Show Holidays

7. Show Holidays
This needs to be checked to show Holidays in the Appointment Book. To get the holidays to show they need to be imported into Bp Allied from the Outlook Holiday File (OUTLOOK.HOL). Please see instructions on how to do this here.

Show Available

8. Show Available
In Version 7 SP1 the location for enabling this has moved from the Calendars right hand menu in the Appointment Book to an appointment book option to improve Appointment Book performance.
  • When turned on Calendars for practitioners that are ticked as Show in Options > Calendars > Calendars I can see will be displayed.
  • To change which calendars are displayed go to Options > Calendars > Calendars I can see and use the Show checkbox. You will need to close and re-open your Appointment Book for this to take effect.
  • Only the Calendars selected as Show in the Calendars I can see option will be displayed in Practitioner Availability when this option is enabled.

Use Colours for Consultation Types

9. Use Colours for Consultation Types
If this is checked the Appointment Book will display the Appointment in the colour defined for the Consultation Type.  If unchecked the Location colour will be displayed.  Consultation Colours can be set in Data Maintenance > Products and Services.
  • Using this option can slow down the appointment book load/refresh time

Show appointment notes

10. Show appointment notes    (displayed on hovering over appt in Appt Book screen)
When checked the Appointment Notes entered in the Appointment Edit/Add screen will be visible in the Appointment Book.
  • This also enables a Red Flag note to be included in the notes displayed when hovering over an apppointment. This is prefixed by **.
  • Using this option can slow down the appointment book load/refresh time

Show Client Phone no's

11. Show Client Phone no's  
When checked each appointment will also display the phone numbers of the client. 
  • Using this option can slow down the appointment book load/refresh time

Show Icons

12. Show Icons  
This displays any icons related to varying selections that can be made for an appointment e.g. Reminders, Client has arrived, Red Flag
  • Using this option can slow down the appointment book load/refresh time

Show Outstanding balance

13. Show Outstanding balance 
This shows the balance owing on any unpaid invoices (prior to "today's" appointment, unless it has already been invoiced)
  • Using this option can slow down the appointment book load/refresh time

Show Referral count

14. Show Referral count 
This displays the total number of appointments available and the number of appointments used for the current referral. In this example, this is the first of ten appointments available to the client.
  • Using this option can slow down the appointment book load/refresh time

Practice Hours

15. Practice Hours
Set your work hours which will be displayed within the Appointment Book by selecting your Start Time and End Time.  Any appointments made outside of these times will alert the person making the appointment that it is outside your normal work hours.

Only Display Practice Hrs

16. Only Display Practice Hrs
When checked will displayed the configured work hours if checked or unchecked will display a 24hour calendar.

Include Saturday or Sunday

17. Include Saturday or Sunday
If your work week includes Saturday (or Sunday, or both) then selecting this will include Saturday or Sunday in the Work Week View when selected in the Appointment Book.

Default Appointment Duration

18. Default Appointment Duration
When you make an appointment it will always show as the duration you set here, by default, unless manually changed or set for specific Consultation Types within System > Data Maintenance > Products and Services.

Time Ruler Interval

19. Time Ruler Interval
Set the default blocks of time you wish your appointment book to display.
View the video  - Editing time ruler intervals

Time Ruler - Show Minutes check

20. Time Ruler - Show Minutes check   
If ticked, this will display the time ruler blocks set within the Time Ruler on the Appointment Book

New Appointment Default Status

21. New Appointment Default Status   
Any appointment created will automatically be created with the status as selected here.  In this example Busy is selected by default.

Cancelled Appointment Colour

22. Cancelled Appointment Colour
Choose the colour you wish displayed in the appointment book for all cancelled appointments.

Play sound on Popup

23. Play sound on Popup
If checked a sound will be displayed when you receive a pop up message.  This sound can be changed by browsing for your own .wav file from the location field.

Apply button

24. Apply button
Click Apply to save the changes and keep the options window open.
Click Cancel to disregard changes and close the options window.
Click OK to save changes and to close the options window.
Note: The Show Calendar buttons were removed in Version 7. Navigating between practitioner calendars is explained here.