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Version 7, 2019


Manage current referrals

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There is an option that allows ONE or multiple referrals to be selected as current for a client. Because of the increase in multi-disciplinary practices it has become necessary in some cases for a client to have more than one referral. This is managed using the practice-wide option of Allow Multiple Current Referrals.
V7 Referral Updates. This masterclass tutorial explains how to use the new referral functionality in the V7 release of Bp Allied, including indefinite referrals, managing the expiry of duration based referrals as well as using the allow multiple current referral option. Also included is the Client Management report and other tips for managing multiple current referrals.

If Allow Multiple current referrals is NOT selected

, then the following will occur:
Whats the catch?
Why is this a problem?

If Allow Multiple current referrals IS selected

, then the following will occur:
ยท There can be only more than one Current Referral
What does this mean?
All Referrals will need to be manually checked when added to an appointment to ensure that the correct one has been selected.
The Referral No field can be used as a way to distinguish one referral from another.