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Version 7, 2019


Set up Email & Email Reminders

Although this is titled Email Reminders, setting up this section of Bp Allied also allows you to use the other email functions in Bp Allied. These are emailing Invoices and Letters.
Set up Email & Email Reminders

Outgoing Mail Server

1. Outgoing Mail Server
This is the server used to send your email. It is usually prefixed by "mail" or "smtp". This information will be available on your email host's website. Search for details on the "Outgoing" or SMTP mail server.
For example the gmail server is (as shown above) or hotmail is
For Bp Allied hosted users, please contact Bp Allied Support so that they can set this up for your practice.
If sending mail from or then Microsoft will at some point need you to sign into your account and verify it. This message is sent randomly as we have no way of getting around this. So, if you see this message, then please sign into your or email account to validate it. After doing this you should be able to continue sending from Bp Allied.
Please follow this link to see details about this from Microsoft's support -

Outgoing Mail Server credentials

2. Outgoing Mail Server credentials
This is the username and password used to access your email.

Reply to Email Address

3. Reply to Email Address
This is the address that the email is to be replied to. It would be usual for this to be a central email address, for example, or
If sending via Gmail, the reply email address will not be viewed by the email recipient until they click reply. Prior to that the Outgoing Mail Server username will be the email address that is viewable.

SMTP Port details

4. SMTP Port details
The SMTP Port is the channel that the mail is transferred using and will be dictated by your email host along with whether SSL is used.
Port 465 has now been deprecated in both Bp Allied and the Bp Allied Scheduler.

SMTP Timeout

5. SMTP Timeout
The timeout indicates the time allocated to trying to send a message before it stops trying, if, for some reason the message cannot be sent. Most email hosts also have recommendations on this timeframe. Google suggests between 1 and 5 minutes.

Edit Email Reminder Template

6. Edit Email Reminder Template

Test Email button

7. Test Email button
Use this button to test sending an email using your settings above.


8. Apply
Click Apply to save the changes and keep the options window open.


9. Cancel
Click Cancel to disregard changes and close the options window.


10. OK
Click OK to save changes and to close the options window.