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Version 7, 2019


Create a split invoice

Bp Allied gives you the ability to split your invoice between your client and a 3rd Party.  This way you can generate 2 invoices, one for the client and one for the 3rd Party. To Split an invoice between a client and a 3rd Party you must create a Client Invoice initially from either the appointment book or manually from within the invoicing area.  
Tip: Only an invoice with one item can be split.

How to Split an Invoice

Once your invoice has been generated and has a status of Draft
In the Linked to Invoice field click on None: Click to split invoice with a third party.
Note this option is NOT available if the status is not in Draft as this is the only status in which the invoice is editable.
The Invoice Splitter will display.
Enter the Third Party Amount to invoice the Third Party Biller.
Select the Third Party to be billed from the drop down list. 
Click OK
An additional invoice has now been generated for the Third Party Biller with the Client Invoice being updated appropriately. Each invoice will have a unique invoice number.
Within the Client Invoice you will see the Third Party Biller's Invoice number and name next to Linked to Invoice.
There is also a reference to the Third party Biller's Invoice within the Client's Invoice Record in the list under "Third Party Invoices that reference this client".
Within the Third Party Billers transaction list there is reference to the Client's name (if the Invoice is for one Client only). Otherwise the Client name field displays *Mulitple* and the Client names are displayed within the Invoice.