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Appointment Book Views

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Appointment book views have been designed to allow larger practices to manage practitioner diaries in groups. These groups might relate to location or discipline, or something else that works for the practice.
Before you start:
  • There is no requirement to use these views.
  • The Personal View is the default for all users and is based on the view that is set up in Options > Calendars > Calendars I can see.
  • Regardless of view type, a user can only see calendars that they have been allowed access to via an administrator using Calendar Administration, or by an individual user allowing a user access.
  • The user will see all calendars they have permissions to view in the custom appointment book views. They can't turn calendars on and off as can be done in Personal View.
Appointment book views are set up to create a custom view based on any grouping that the practice wants. After the groupings have been named then the practitioners are assigned to them.
Add a new View Name
Tip: This can also be added inline like drop down lists in the Client Details can be update. Read more...
Add users to a view
Removing a view name (added in error or as a duplicate)
If a view name has been added in error then this can be deleted as long as it has not been assigned to a view.
If the row can not be deleted because there are linked records then read more about how to unlink items here.


Switching between views