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Version 7, 2019


Create a Xero connection and set a bank account

The process below needs to be followed and settings filled in to allow Bp Allied to access your Xero account and transfer across information.
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Before you start
You will need your Xero account login name, password and if in Australia, access to the authenticator app for two stage authentication of your login.
According to Xero, from this article here, it appears that the user needs to be at least a Standard user to be able to create the new Xero connection. Once it is created, all users can use it.
The Xero settings can be accessed via System > Options > Financial Exports.
Click here for details on running the Xero export report.
Create a Xero connection and set a bank account

Create Xero connection

1. Create Xero connection
Copy the Xero My Apps URL link on the Options screen and paste into your browser. Log in using your Xero login name and password.
  • On the Xero My Apps page, click New App and enter in Bp Allied for the App Name.
  • Select OAuth 2.0 grant type as default of Auth Code with PKCE
  • Enter into the Company or application URL
  • Copy http://localhost:5000/signin-oidc into the Xero Redirect URI field
  • Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox
  • Click Create App
    The App Details screen will display
Tip: If you get the error: "failed to create app (#FBDD)" change the App Name to something else as there must already be an app connection with the name you have used.
7. In the App Details screen, copy the Client ID and
8. Paste into the Xero Client ID field in the Bp Allied Options screen
9. Back in the App Details screen, click Save
10. In the Bp Allied Options screen, click Apply, then click Test Connection
The Xero login screen will display in a browser
11.Log into Xero using your username and password
12. Enter in your authentication code
If you receive the message to the right from Xero then please follow their instructions.
13. Select the Organisation for your data to be uploaded to.
14. Click Allow access
The Xero connection test "Connection successful" dialog should display
15. Click OK to close it.

How to check your App Connection

  • When logged into your Xero account
  • Click on the drop down under your Organisation Name, e.g. Bp Allied NZ Test in this example
  • Select App marketplace
  • This will display the Marketplace web page
5. Click the Connected tab
6. This will display any Apps connected to your Organisation, including Bp Allied.
7. Click on the name link to see the Connection details for connection. E.g. Bp Allied NZ Test in the example on the right.
Note: your connection will be named as per the App Name given as part of creating the connection.

Deposit Account No.

2. Deposit Account No.
This is the Bank Account Code in Xero where payments are to be saved into. Only one bank account can be used.
To find the Bank Account Code:
  • Go to (if you were logged into the Developer section of Xero in section 1 of this page above, close out of there)
  • Log in to Xero using your usual credentials
  • Go into the organisation you have linked with Bp Allied
  • Click Accounting > Chart of Accounts
  • Add a Bank Account if you haven’t done so, and then carry on
  • Go to the Assets tab and find the Bank Account code just set up
  • Enter this Code e.g. BANK into the Xero Deposit Account No