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Customise drop down lists

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Some drop downs lists can be customised and have more options added to them. They can be accessed and updated via the Data Maintenance module. Updating these lists is very straightforward however, deleteing an option from a list may not be. This is discussed below. The tables this article applies to are:
Please note that this article has purposely not discussed some of the other more complex tables that can be added to within Bp Allied, namely, Products and Services, Referrers, Third Party Billers and Postcodes. These are discussed in length in the Bp Allied documentation and must be updated via the Data Maintenance module. Due to restrictions on data transfered to Medicare the gender field can not be changed.

Update a drop down list directly into the drop down


Update a drop down list via Data Maintenance

Open the Data Maintenance Module
Select a table (drop down list) from the list on the lefthand side.
In the image above the current list of Cancellation Reasons are displayed

Delete a record from a drop down list

This is not quite as easy as you might think. If the row has just been created then you can click on the line and press delete on your keyboard. But if you try that with any of the other lines you'll probably get this message:
This means that the line you want to delete has been used somewhere in Bp Allied. If we go back to the Cancellation Reason example, and I wanted to delete the row Postponed. So when I go to delete it I get the message above. That means that there is at least one cancelled Appointment somewhere in Bp Allied with the Cancellation Reason of Postponed selected.
How do I find out what records are linked?
So, what do you do with the list?
Well, if you really really want to delete the row then you'll need to "unattach" it from all of the records it is linked. For our example this would mean opening all the Appointments that have been cancelled and have a Cancellation Reason on Postponed selected and choosing another reason and then saving them. This is okay for a short list. Not so good for a long list.
What are my options if the list is too long to change the values in all of the records?
Rename it "Do not use" - although this would be better just added to the current name so that information is not lost. e.g. Postponed - Do not use.

Remove a selected value from a drop down list

If a value has been selected and put into a drop down list, but the selection should actually be blank then it can be removed.